Master of Science in Information Systems

MS/Information Systems

Program Objectives

The Master of Science in Information Systems is a cutting-edge program that prepares participants for leadership roles in the strategic integration of technology into modern organizations. The program focuses on advanced technology and leadership concepts essential for CIOs, I.T. managers, consultants and information systems specialists. The curriculum emphasizes a thorough understanding of the design, implementation and evaluation of modern information and knowledge management systems.

The degree program requires 36 semester hours of graduate work and provides an option to specialize in Telecommunications Security, Software Engineering, or Business Analytics.

MSIS Students in Frear Center

A student successfully completing the program will:

  • be a specialist in information and systems, not just technology
  • be comfortable with large-scale, complex problems and issues
  • be able to recognize the seminal ideas in information systems and to apply them to advantage to all consumers, internal and external.
  • be used to change and know how to resolve uncertain, confused, and misunderstood conditions
  • be skilled in the science of building recommendations from a intellectually sound base
  • be committed to the idea that people, not hardware and software, are responsible for the effective performance of systems
  • understand the dynamic nature of modern organizations; recognize that assumptions, ideas, actions, and policies must be re-validated on a timely basis; and that flexibility is a powerful strategic tool

MSIS Students Working on Project