Master of Arts in Organizational Change

MA/Organizational Change

Today's leaders find they must continually realign their organizations to evolving strategic visions, missions, and goals critical to short-term performance. Simultaneously, they are faced with the complex task of adapting their organizations to rapidly changing competition for markets and resources, diverse workforce needs, government regulations, new technology, and a deteriorating environment. Organizational change involves a multi-disciplinary perspective and utilizes concepts and methods from such fields as management, sociology, and anthropology, organizational development, technology, psychology, and comparative economics.

Hawaii Pacific University's Master of Arts in Organizational Change (MA/OC) emphasizes the management, design, implementation, and application of such change methods as continuous improvement and performance management. Students learn how to design innovations for organizational culture change, as well as how to implement an actual program of change in an organization.

Master of Arts in Organizational Change

Online Master of Arts in Organizational Change

The MA/OC Program at HPU may also be completed from any location in the world for those who enroll in the online program.

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