Master of Arts in Organizational Change

MA/Organizational Change

Program Objectives

The learning objectives of the MA/OC online program are the same as for the on campus program. Curriculum and instructional design are focused on the following learning-centered program objectives.  Students who complete the Master of Arts in Organizational Change (MA/OC) will:

  • Attain a solid foundation in the theory and practice of organizational design and behavior.
  • Achieve competency in recognizing and reconciling cultural differences effecting change and development. 
  • Understand change and development theories and practices from a systemic, holistic perspective.
  • Be able to critically evaluate the effectiveness of various change and development models and methods in both global and local contexts.
  • Understand the dynamics of change: in particular, innovation diffusion, change leadership, knowledge management, problem solving, and technology transfer.
  • Be able to work with various stakeholders to design and implement effective and sustainable change and development initiatives.
  • Be able to assess and measure important aspects of change and development, such as organizational culture, innovation diffusion, performance improvements, and the success/failure of change initiatives.
  • Be able to conduct both primary and secondary research to investigate change and development issues and related problems.

Understand the global-wide change and development profession, including the roles of consultants, change agents, educators, political leaders, non-profit administrators, and corporate executives.