Booz Allen Hamilton Cohort Program

Booz Allen Hamilton Cohort Program

Booz Allen Hamilton and Hawai'i Pacific University have partnered for five years to offer an online professional certificate program in organizational change and development. This certificate is being offered in a cohort reserved exclusively for Booz Allen staff. The learning design of this online graduate level program permits participants to work at their own pace while enhancing their professional knowledge and skills for working with client organizations. Our distance learning approach is based on multiple teaching methods including online discussions, conference calls, and other means that ensure the interactive advantages of traditional education remain part of the learning experience.

Course Requirements for OCD Professional Certificate:

PSOC 6440 Organizational Change and Development

PSOC 6442 Culture and Intervention Strategies

PSOC 6443 Change Leadership

PSOC 6444 Innovation and Creativity

Benefits of joining this Booz Allen Hamilton OCD cohort: 

  • Improve your change leadership effectiveness
  • Experience globally-appropriate learning design and course content
  • Work with expert and highly-experienced OCD faculty
  • Participate in online learning group discussions when your schedule permits
  • Apply relevant concepts and best practices for change
  • Use real situations and issues to develop assignments and papers 

How to Apply:

Applicants have the opportunity to enter the Cohort program in the Summer II (June), Fall (September), and Spring (January) Terms.  It is recommended that applicants submit an application and transcripts at least one month prior to the term in which they wish to enter the cohort.

For more information, contact:

Lisa Hanson, Director of Graduate Recruiting
Toll-free: 866-373-3737