Master of Arts in Human Resource Management

MA/Human Resource Management

Program Objectives

It is the mission of the MAHRM program to prepare students to enter human resource management as a career field, to position themselves to exploit promotion opportunities in the discipline, or to segue into the HR field as managers after successful careers in other management disciplines.  In general, we are committed to preparing our students to become HR generalists, specialists, managers, and executives, as their career phase, maturity level, and personal motivation dictates.  The MAHRM curriculum prepares students to achieve their career goals by accomplishing the following program objectives.  Upon successful completion of the program, students are able

  • Develop, implement, manage, and assess the effectiveness of strategic human resource plans.
  • Forecast the need for human resources, and then recruit and select employees appropriately.
  • Work effectively with labor organizers and unions.
  • Navigate the complex legal, economic, and technological environment.
  • Orchestrate, implement, and evaluate the success of HR training and development initiatives.
  • Create and manage compensation plans that contribute positively to organization effectiveness.
  • Actualize and execute workplace health, safety, and security programs that reduce the risk of organization hazards and mishaps.
  • Lead and coordinate the HR initiatives of multinational, transnational, and global organizations.

Human Resource Management