BSBA in Marketing

Marketing (BSBA)

The marketing student knows that, in order to succeed, a good idea alone, even well-manufactured, needs innovative thinking to produce products and services that meet the needs of the marketplace, provide uniqueness and opportunity, and engage the consumer or user. It is called astute marketing.

The HPU Marketing major prepares students of all levels -- practitioners as well as managers -- to learn the many facets and techniques of marketing: development, advertising and promotion, product and services sales. Students will gain an understanding of research, planning, analysis, communication, business relations, and decision-making techniques as they are used by marketing managers and directors. Specific courses will focus on current issues and strategies, such as electronic and on-line marketing and social networking as well as behavioral targeting and analysis.  Integrated promotion and advertising theory, techniques and applications are presented. Advertising theory, techniques, and applications are presented. Problems, issues, and alternative solutions involving product strategy, pricing, distribution, promotion, and marketing research will be discussed, from both a national and international perspective. In general, marketing principles will be applied to multinational and international business practices. Retailing and management of the marketing function will also be studied.

Program Objectives

  • Apply current theory in the field of marketing, especially in terms of understanding buyer behavior, defining target markets, identifying and evaluating market segments, and in demonstrating knowledge about elements of the marketing mix.
  • Explain the impact of global competition, market forces and other external factors on the success and failure of specific marketing programs.
  • Use market research tools and procedures to estimate market potential, conduct exploratory and descriptive research, forecast demand, and communicate research findings effectively, both orally and in written form.
  • Develop marketing plans to include product planning and development, promotion planning, and strategy and campaign evaluation.

BSBA Marketing Degree Requirements

3-Year Sample Degree Plan

4-Year Sample Degree Plan

BSBA Marketing GenEd Plan