BSBA in Management

Management (BSBA)

This major is for the student who has a vision to lead a company, a team, a project . . . or be a viable part of a dynamic group that aims to bring a concept from dream to reality, to grow a business from an idea to a viable organization.

The coursework in the Management program focuses on all occupations and organizations. A strong business administration core is augmented by a wide variety of management electives directed toward the student's particular interests. Current issues and problems related to organizational environments and structures are introduced, with a strong emphasis on international business management. The location, function, activity and the basic forms of international business activity. 

Program Objectives

Management graduates will have a thorough understanding of the following:

  • The functions of management, organizational structures and strategic options.
  • The role of business in society and the need for business social responsibility.
  • The importance of ethics in business and ways to incorporate ethics into business decisions.
  • The process for formulating and implementing business strategy successfully.
  • How human resource decisions affect relationships, attitudes and behaviors of employees and the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations.
  • The interrelated forces (influences at work) for the growth of international business activity and the basic forms of international business activity. 

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BSBA Management Degree Requirements

3-Year Sample Degree Plan

4-Year Sample Degree Plan

BSBA Management GenEd Plan