BSBA in Finance

Finance (BSBA)

Students selecting this major develop analytical and financial management skills, improve decision-making abilities, and enhance their communication skills. Students are provided with a sound foundation in the economic theory that underlies the functions of domestic and international financial markets. In addition, the curriculum encourages an intensive focus on both the application and theory of the operations of the capital markets. The Finance Club at HPU provides opportunities to use the knowledge gained in the classroom. Also, the Hawai'i Chapter of the Financial Executives Institute has annually awarded scholarships to finance majors. Finance graduates are employed by banks, credit unions, brokerage houses, financial institutions, insurance companies, and government agencies.

Program Objectives

Candidates graduating with a finance degree will:

  • Possess knowledge and understanding in areas such as time value of money, financial ratio analysis, risk and return analysis,  financial management, valuation, financial markets and institutions, investing and portfolio management, and capital budgeting.
  • Develop oral communication skills through the presentation of case studies, individual projects, and so forth.
  • Develop written communication skills through executive summaries, case analyses, individual projects, and so forth.
  • Develop analytical thinking skills used in problem solving and financial decision-making.
  • Develop financial calculator and computer skills including familiarity with commonly used business software packages such as SPSS and Microsoft Office (Power point, Excel, and Word).
  • Develop the interpersonal, teamwork, leadership, and listening skills needed to work in groups.
  • Quantitative understanding of current research issues in finance.
  • Develop an appreciation for where finance fits into not only the rest of the Business Administration curriculum, but to the general university educational program as well.
  • Have as a goal to pursue life-long financial learning.
  • Development of and ability to apply ethical standards to everyday financial situations.

BSBA Finance Degree Requirements

3-Year Sample Degree Plan

4-Year Sample Degree Plan

BSBA Finance GenEd Plan