College of Business

Department of Management and Marketing

The Department of Management and Marketing prepare students to become intuitive managers and creative marketers – to develop and lead tomorrow’s innovative businesses. 

Management classes prepare our students to understand the dynamics of organizational structure and behavior, of leadership and motivation, and of the complex interaction between individuals, their organizational structure and assignments, and of working with one another.

Marketing classes help students learn how to identify and develop viable products and services, then deliver them creatively and profitably to a waiting marketplace.

Our marketing and management students have a unique opportunity because:

HPU College of Business Administration professors bring deep experience from a broad variety of business segments as well as the highest quality education from the world’s leading academic institutions. 

Small classes, rich curricula, and a highly diverse student body provide an invaluable insight into the world marketplace.

Real world clients and case studies ground the classes, and Hawaii’s unique portal to Asian Pacific commerce means a unique opportunity for the student.