College of Business

Department of Financial Economics and Information Systems

Rowland Lawrence, Ed.D.

Lawrence Rowland, Ph.D.,

Department Chair

The Department of Financial Economics and Information Systems (FEIS) is the home of the following disciplines:  Accounting, Economics, Information Systems, Insurance, Management Science, and Real Estate.

The related degrees are BA in Economics, BSBA in Accounting, Business Economics, and Finance; and the Master of Science in Information Systems.

The focus of this department is to emphasize analysis and the use of information techonology.  Processes and the use of analytical tools are taught and applied to case and actual situations.

There are several opportunities for team exercises/projects and group presentations.

Co-curricula activities provide additional insights to the related degrees and professions through opportunities to associate with business professionals and professional organizations. 


Lawrence Rowland, Ph.D., Department Chair,
College of Business Administration
1132 Bishop Street, Suite 504
Honolulu, HI 96813