CBA Concurrent Degrees

Concurrent Degree in MSIS

The Concurrent Program offers a unique opportunity for students to get a head start on their graduate Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) degree while still an undergraduate student.

You may take up to 4 courses concurrent and earn both graduate and undergraduate credits simultaneously for the same courses.

MSIS Students

Students benefit from this program with significant savings on tuition cost in addition to earning their master’s degree in a shorter time. Undergraduate students taking 12 semester credits at the graduate level can complete their MSIS with only 8 additional courses.

MIS/IS concurrent (12 credits):

  • IS 6020 concurrent for MIS 3020
  • IS 6065 concurrent for MIS 3065
  • IS 6100 concurrent for MIS 3000
  • IS 6XXX (with proper prerequisites) concurrent for MIS Upper division elective

CSCI/IS concurrent (12 credits) Four courses from the following selection:

  • IS 6020 concurrent for CSCI 4921
  • IS 6050 concurrent for CSCI 3753
  • IS 6065 concurrent for CSCI 3301
  • IS 6070 concurrent for CSCI 3501
  • IS 6110 concurrent for CSCI 4911
  • IS 6130 concurrent for CSCI 3621
  • IS 6XXX (with proper prerequisites) concurrent for CSCI Upper division elective

To qualify for the program students should be: enrolled at HPU as an undergraduate student, completed 90 semester hours of undergraduate credit, and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.