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FALL Terms:

15-Week Term begins
Monday, AUG 28, 2017

1st 8-Week Session (8A)
Monday, AUG 21, 2017

2nd 8-Week Session (8B)
Monday, OCT 16, 2017

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Labor Day

Monday, SEP 4, 2017

Meet HPU's Students
jones.jpgChelsey Jones
MAOC, 2013

“HPU is one of the few universities that offers a Master’s Degree in Organizational Change, and with the different business backgrounds and perspectives represented by the faculty and the broad diversity of the students. The Oahu Country Club project provided real-world experience, and helped me to become an Executive Team Leader intern with Target, a really great opportunity to learn and apply my studies...experiences from the MAOC program have helped me to build confidence in my own career path and see many opportunities.”

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Executives in Residence
Jeff and Students









HPU Executives in Residence say the College of Business

“helps students how to think about doing business right,”

and “how to think holistically about success.”

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Graduate Programs

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Executives in Residence

HPU College of Business Administration students have the unique opportunity to consult with, learn from and participate in projects with two highly respected global business leaders who have become Executives in Residence. Jeff Boromisa and Mel Horimaki bring decades of experience and knowledge in strategy and management of international business operations.

Mel Horikami, Executive in Residence
Melvin Horikami
Former President - Verizon Hawaii
Former VP Commercial Services - Oceanic Time Warner Cable
Founder and President - Optimum Business Consulting

Melvin Horikami joined the HPU College of Business as an Executive in Residence “to help business students develop a starting point and a framework for success when they graduate.”  He called it a “Framework for Learning” that graduates can utilize to maximize the experiences and knowledge they acquire in their leadership journey. 

“Sometimes students struggle to deliver results – not for lack of intelligence, or experience – but because they don’t know how to apply that experience and knowledge.  They don’t know how to approach challenges from a holistic view.”

Mr. Horikami is founder and President of Optimum Business Consulting, LLC – an organizational transformation practice, and was previously the VP of Commercial Services at Oceanic Time Warner Cable and a retired senior executive with 29 years of experience with Verizon Communications.  While at Verizon Communications, he served as President – Verizon Hawaii, VP – provisioning & maintenance support, Executive Director – FiOS program management, Assistant Vice President - repair call centers and General Manager of customer operations. 

His experience includes operations management, quality/process management, business analysis, customer relations, systems and technology implementation, project management, sales, billing and staff support.   He held positions with national and regional responsibility and lived in 5 states from Hawaii to New Jersey.   Mr. Horikami holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Hawaii West Oahu and an MBA from Texas Christian University.    

His position in the HPU College of Business Administration allows him  “to collaborate with faculty to enhance education and produce graduates who can apply themselves as leaders.”

Mel Horikami, Executive in Residence at HPU, gives a talk about leadership functions in creating desired results in business to students in the MBA Capstone Course.

Jeff Boromisa, Executive in Residence

Jeffrey M. Boromisa

Former Executive Vice President - Kellogg Company

"There's a serious commitment, here at HPU, to teaching the student not only what and how to think about business, but how to DO business the right way," says JEFFREY Boromisa, former Executive Vice President of Kellogg Company and HPU's Executive in Residence. "It was a comfortable and logical university into which to bring my experience and knowledge as a guide and mentor to students preparing for professional business careers."

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Contact Information

Jeffrey M. Boromisa
Executive in Residence
Phone: (808) 544-0283

Melvin Horikami
Executive in Residence
Phone: (808) 544-0283