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eBill Set up for your authorized user(s)

We are excited to be able to communicate your bills exclusively through your HPU Pipeline account.  We will email you when your bill is ready for viewing each month.  This will prevent mail-time lag and the risk of bills being lost in the mail.  Please complete your on-line information as explained in this letter immediately to insure your success in receiving eBills.

How to set up an Authorized User:  The email notification that your bill is available to view will always be sent to you at your official campus email address.  If it's not necessary for your parents or others to see your bill and/or pay on-line, then you don't need to follow these instructions.  If you do want parents or others to have access to your bills, follow these instructions:

  • Go to and log-in
  • Look for My Quick Links located on the "My HPU" tab
  • Click on eBill + Pay Bill
  • This takes you into the Student Account Home Page where using the Authorized Users Tab you can enter email addresses for as many Authorized Users as necessary
  • Follow instructions to enter email addresses for parents/others who need access to on-line bills for you

It is important that you complete this process as soon as possible.  Changes to authorized users can be made as necessary.  Authorized users will be sent email notification of passwords and logins.  They are also notified by email when a new bill is posted or when they make a payment through the site.

Authorized Users access your statement through  An Authorized User's options are limited to the following; they cannot view any other information on your HPU pipeline account:

View and print current eBill
Store credit card and bank account information
View the history of payments
Make payments
Review a previous eBill

If you choose or choose not to designate an Authorized User, you are ultimately responsible to pay your bill, or to print and mail it to other individuals as needed.

You (the student) can access all of your account information through:

Please go now to your HPU pipeline as explained above to set up your profiles.  It is an efficient way to handle your financial affairs with Hawaii Pacific University, help reduce billing cost so more HPU funds can be dedicated to educational purposes, and as a bonus, less wasteful for the environment!

The Business Office wants to make the eBill process as smooth as possible for you.  If you have questions, contact us at