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eBill & webCheck FAQs


What is eBill and webCheck?
An eBill is an electronic representation of your student bill.  Rather than receive your statement through the mail, the statement is presented online with the option to make a payment using your credit card or electronic check (webCheck – checking or saving).  These services are being offered to students by Hawaii Pacific University.   All charges to student accounts including tuition, fees, housing, books, and miscellaneous charges will be on the eBill and can be viewed via the Internet.

Why is the University going to e-billing as the official billing method?
There are several reasons why the University has decided to make e-billing required by Spring 2007. One reason is that many other applications and processes at the University are paperless or electronic including applying for admissions, applying for and accepting financial aid.  Electronic billing continues this mission. The vast majority of students are familiar and comfortable with the web culture on campus and it has become more commonplace these days to perform many daily transactions and communications via e-mail and the Internet. Many institutions around the country are now adopting electronic billing as their primary method of billing and during these times of economic hardship, electronic billing brings time and monetary savings to both the customer and the institution.

What are the benefits & advantages of eBill and webCheck?
Benefits include:
•  Saves money -- no check writing or stamp buying
•  Saves time -- no more waiting for the bill in the mail or waiting in line to pay
•  Easy and convenient
•  Free service offered by the University
•  E-bill has been re-designed for an easier to read bill
•  Private and Secure
•  Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
•  Available world-wide via the Internet
•  Easy access for authorized parents or other authorized users to pay tuition bills   for students
•  Students can forward their bills to parents or others in an e-mail attachment
•  Can print a copy of the e-bill from the web
•  Viewable billing & payment history

How will I know when I have a new eBill?
An email notification will be sent to your HPU Pipeline email address when a new eBill is available online. The email notification will include a greeting, some information about your billing statement, and a link back to our secure eBill web site. No sensitive student information will be in the email notification.

Can I use an email account other than my school account?
Yes. Our eBill application allows you to setup an alternate email address for receiving email notifications. You may enter an alternate email address under the My Profile tab in the eBill user interface. Your alternate account will not replace your school-assigned account. Entering an alternate account simply means you will be receiving email notifications to two email accounts.

How do I access my eBill?
To access your statement online, visit our HPU Pipeline web site at To log in, use your student ID and PIN.

Do I have access to previous eBills?
Yes. Our eBill system stores up to “12 months” of bills for your reference. Each statement can be viewed and printed as necessary.

What payment options do I have through eBill?
You may your pay your statement online using a credit card or webCheck. To pay with a credit card, you will be required to enter the card number and expiration date. To pay with a webCheck, you will be required to enter your ABA routing number and account number. An image of a check is available to help you enter the correct account information from your check. You may use a checking or savings account.

You may also store frequently used payment methods by assigning the payment account nickname. For example, you may store your checking account as “Primary Checking.” Choosing to store you payment methods will eliminate the need for you to re-enter your payment account information each time you wish to make a payment. 

What can I do if I can’t pay my bill by the due dates?
If you do not pay a bill on time, you may be assessed a late payment fee and your account will be placed on hold, but your classes will not be cancelled.

Can I view my payment history through eBill?
Yes. Using our eBill system, you may view payment transactions made online through eBill or all transactions on your student account. This feature enables you to view a complete payment history, regardless of how your student account was paid. These options are available under the Payments tab in the eBill system.

If I make a payment online, how long will it take to update my student account?
Payments made through our eBill system will update your student account immediately. You will receive a payment confirmation via email.

Can my parent or guardian access my eBill account?
Yes. You may authorize a third-party user, such as a parent or guardian, to access your account by clicking on the authorized user tab within the eBill system. You will be required to enter the email address of the individual and configure the access rights the user will have. Once you have completed the enrollment process, your authorized user will receive an email notification with a randomly generated username and password, as well as log in information for accessing your statement. Authorized users will only have access to your student bill. You may revoke an authorized user’s access rights at anytime.

Can I view other account information through my eBill account?
Yes. Through eBill, you will have access to your current account activity and current account balance. Current account activity is a real-time view of your student account since the last billing date. Using this feature, you would be able to see new charges and credits applied to your account since your last billing statement arrived. This is comparable to unbilled activity shown by credit card companies online. You will also have access to your current account balance.  The current account balance represents your real-time balance with the University.

How do I clear a financial hold on my student account?
If you need a hold released so you can register or get transcripts, pay the outstanding balance due on the most recent billing statement.  If you pay in person, ask the cashier to process your hold release so you can register immediately.

Do I have to be on e-billing? Are there exceptions to e-billing? Can't I get a paper bill instead of the e-bill? 
If you want a paper copy of your bill, you can download and print a copy of your electronic bill through your HPU Pipeline. You can also forward copies of your bills to parents/other payers. Electronic copies of your eBills will be kept on file for 12 months. A copy of your bill can also be printed at the Business Office.