Degree requirement pages

BS in Pure Mathematics

Degree Guidelines and Four-Year Plans

Degree guidelines provide you with a list of all the courses that are required to earn a specific degree. Four-year plans (see links below) are sample road maps of how you can plan your academic schedule in order to graduate on time. You can use these tools to decide on a major, compare the differences in degrees, and to make informed decisions in choosing which courses to take each semester.

Sample Four-Year Degree Plan (link to 4-year plan and Foundational version of 4-year plan)

Foundational course requirements ensure that you achieve competency in a variety of communication and quantitative skills. You may be eligible to place out of some foundational requirements by taking proficiency or placement exams in English and math. If you require additional work and support in these vital skill areas, you will find the help you need through the courses listed on the plan. Click here to learn more about taking placement tests in English and/or math.