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Hawai’i Pacific University Security and Safety Department

Aloha Tower Marketplace Security

Security Office 544-1400
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Downtown Campus

Cellular 321-1892

Hawaii Loa Campus

Front gate 236-3515
Security Office 236-3500
Cellular 478-2788

Oceanic Institute

Security Office 259-3170
Cellular 220-2899

Hawai’i Pacific University Counseling and Behavioral Health Services

Hawai’i Loa 236-3578
Downtown 544-1198

Hawai’i Pacific University Chaplain

Downtown 544-9294

Residence Life

Hawai’i Loa 236-3540

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Emergency Preparedness

Hawai’i Pacific University, (HPU) is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for all students, faculty and staff.  The HPU Emergency Preparedness Plan has been developed to assist the University during an emergency situation.  All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to review the emergency preparedness plan and become familiar with suggested recommendations with emergencies or disasters that may impact HPU.

The recommendations are developed to assist in planning and to minimize the negative effects resulting from an emergency.  Please keep this information accessible for immediate reference.

Medical emergencies, accidents, natural disasters, crime and injuries can occur at any time without warning.  The emergency preparedness plan will assist in the university community working together in a timely manner.

In addition to the HPU Emergency Preparedness plan, it is recommended that you sign up for HPU’s RAVE Alert Emergency Notification System.  In an emergency affecting HPU, RAVE Alert will send a text message to the cell number you provide and to your university email address.

For further information about staying safe at HPU check out the Security website

When incidents occur on campus that affects your safety, HPU Security and Administration will release RAVE Alerts and Timely Notification Bulletin.  The Timely Notification Bulletin is posted on the Security website and on HPU Pipeline.

If you have any questions about a situation that is not covered under this emergency preparedness plan or need additional material, contact HPU Security at (808) 236-3515.  

Fire Procedures
  • If you see or smell smoke, immediately pull the nearest fire alarm. Leave the building, and call the Honolulu Fire Department by calling 911 from a safe location.  Be prepared to give the following:

* Location of Fire

* Building and Room Number (if known)

* Your name and telephone number

* Stay on the phone until the 911 dispatcher releases you.

* Notify Campus Security, 236-3515 (Windward) or 753-7304 (Downtown).

  • The person reporting the fire should remain in the vicinity outside the building to supply information, upon request to the Honolulu Fire Department.  It is important to be in a safe location away from the fire.
  • Always take a fire alarm seriously.  When a fire alarm is activated, everyone is to evacuate the building immediately.
  • When evacuating from a building, move away from the building entrance and clear building access for emergency response personnel.
  • Be familiar with your evacuation locations where people are to meet after evacuation.  There are two floor wardens for each floor of the offices and classrooms of the university.  Residence Life staff and Resident Advisors are the floor wardens for the residence halls.
  • Information regarding person with disabilities who need evacuation assistance should be given to the first responding Campus Security Officers Honolulu Fire Department personnel have training and equipment to assist with the evacuation of wheelchair users and other mobility impaired persons. Others who may be ambulatory may be assisted from the building, if it can be done safely.
  • To evacuate persons with disabilities who are elevator dependent (when the elevator may not be used), i.e., those with wheelchairs, cardiac and/or pulmonary disabilities, crutches, canes, walkers, etc. please use the following procedure (individual departments should evaluate their situations and may adopt alternate procedures if necessary).  Escort the person to the closest stairwell or "area of rescue assistance." Caution should be used as to not block traffic.
  • Inform Campus Security that there is a person with a disability needing evacuation assistance and specify the person’s access/evacuation needs.
  • Do not attempt to put out a fire if you are endangering your own safety or the safety of others.
  • Do not use elevators.  Power may fail causing the elevator to stop between floors or elevator doors may open onto fire floor.
  • If you become trapped in a building during a fire and a window is available, place an article of clothing (shirt, coat, etc.) outside the window as a marker for rescue personnel.  If there is not a window, stay near the floor where the air will be less toxic.  Seal up the cracks around the door using pieces of clothing or whatever is available.  Shout at regular intervals to alert emergency personnel of your location.
  • CAUTION:  Building fire alarms may stop ringing.  If they stop, do not return to the building unless notified by the Honolulu Fire Department or HPU Security


Honolulu Fire Department Building Evacuation Guidelines