Sustainability at HPU

Sustainibility at HPU

Recyling at HPU

Paper Recycling 

  • Downtown Campus (7 locations) – Picked up by OCR for Hagadone Printing
    • MP 1st floor (ELS entrance), Computer Center, FS 2nd floor (copy room), BH 3rd floor lanai (Kalamalama and MPC), MP Basement, UB (building entrance behind garage), and LB basement (print shop)
  • Hawai’i Loa Campus (1 location) – Picked up by Honolulu Recovery
    • Academic Center (behind building on ground floor)

Ink Cartridge Recycling

  • Downtown Campus – Computer Center
  • Hawai’i Loa Campus – Computer Center 

HI-5 Bottle and Can Recycling

  • Downtown Campus (7 locations) 
    • MP 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor (by elevator)
    • FS 3rd floor (by elevator)
    • Sea Warrior Center
    • UB 2nd floor by Student Housing office
    • UB 9th floor by classrooms

  • Hawai’i Loa Campus (9 locations)
    • 1 bin is located in of each of the six residence halls – Maintained by residence hall advisors
    • Academic Center front lanai, 2nd floor back lanai, and 3rd floor back lanai – Maintained by the Natural Science Student Association

Battery Recycling

  • Downtown and Hawai’i Loa Campus Computer Centers
    • All batteries collected including laptop, cell phone, camera batteries etc.

Electronic Waste Recycling

  • Collected on the Downtown Campus in back of the Computer Center
    • Recycle all HPU-owned office, audio, and video electronic items

Cardboard Recycling

  • Collected behind the Hawai’i Loa Campus cafeteria
  • Collected in UB garage

Metal Recycling

  • Large metal items are recycled with Island Recycling

Furniture Items

  • All unwanted furniture is donated to organizations in the community whenever possible

For more information on HPU recycling, please contact Josh Prigge at: