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Feifei Zhu

Economics professor comments on the governor’s proposed minimum wage increase (Hawaii News Now)

"Some businesses, although they want to support that, they can be driven out of the market because that kind of profit cannot be sustainable," said Feifei Zhu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Finance and Economics, about a proposal to raise the minimum wage.

HPU faculty and staff offer a variety of expertise on relevant topics from a range of disciplines. Many of the following experts also have experience working with the media.

Valentina Abordonado
Director, School of Education
(808) 544-1143
Expertise: Education; educating teachers and their professional development

Jerry Agrusa
Professor of Travel Industry Management
(808) 544-9341
Expertise: Tourism; Hospitality; Sports tourism and coordinator of annual Honolulu Marathon research study on its economic impact to Hawai‘i

Patrick C. Bratton
Director, Diplomacy and Military Studies Program/Associate Professor of Political Science
(808) 544-1466
Expertise: National Security; Foreign Policy; Indian Foreign Policy; International Relations and Security; French and Russian Security Policy; French Politics; Franco-American Relations

Jon Davidann
Professor of History
(808) 544-0811
Expertise: U.S./Japanese relations; Oil and energy sustainability; Cross-cultural history/studies

Marc J. Gilbert
National Endowment for the Humanities Endowed Chair for World History/Professor of History
(808) 544-1169
Expertise: Global perspectives; cross cultural exchanges; empires and imperialism; cultural hybridization; cultural synergism

John Hart
Chair, Department of Communication/Professor of Communication
(808) 544-0805
Expertise: Communication; Media; Poltical analysis; Campaigns

Adam Hatch
Director, Financial Aid
(808) 544-0839
Expertise: Financial aid and scholarships 

David Horgen
Interim Dean, College of Natural & Computational Sciences/Professor of Chemistry
(808) 236-5864
Expertise: Chemistry; Discovery of marine natural products chemistry that can interact with proteins involved in human diseases and switch these proteins on and off as needed to prevent or stop the progress of disease (e.g. cancer, stroke); Faculty at UH Cancer Center

David Hyrenbach
Assistant Professor of Oceanography
(808) 236-3563
Expertise: Seabird ecology and conservation; Seabirds and ingestion of plastic; Marine debris and ocean plastics; Seabirds as ocean health indicators; Marine protected areas; Ocean ecology and conservation; Satellite tracking

Hui Huang
Assistant Professor of Economics
(808) 544-0853
Expertise: Applied Microeconomics; Managerial Economics; Fishery Economics

Brenda Jensen
Associate Dean, College of Natural & Computational Sciences/Associate Professor of Biology
(808) 236-3533
Expertise: How anthropogenic (human caused) stressors impact Hawaii’s marine organisms, particularly in sentinel species such as whales and dolphins; HPU Marine Mammal Stranding Program

Carlos Juarez
Chair, Department of Social Sciences/Professor of Political Science
(808) 566-2493
Expertise: Political science; International affairs; Latin America, Latin American politics and society (Lived in Mexico for four years, South America for one year); HPU's Fulbright Program Advisor and Fulbright Scholar, Mexico (1999-2000)

Leroy Laney
Professor of Finance and Economics
(808) 544-0849
Expertise: International, national and local economics; banking; Economic advisor to First Hawaiian Bank; formerly a staff economist on the U.S. President’s Council of Economic Advisers in Washington, D.C., an international economist with the U.S. Treasury in Washington, and a senior economist in the Federal Reserve System

Lorraine C. Marais
Director, School of Social Work
(808) 566-2475
Expertise: Macro-level social work, policy, research, community organization and development, grant writing, administration (program design, assessment and application); leadership development in non-profits

Regina Ostergaard-Klem
Associate Professor of Environmental Science
(808) 566-2492
Expertise: Environmental Science; Environmental Economics; Environmental Policy; Sustainability; Industrial Ecology; Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI)

Mandy Ortiz
Assistant Professor of Marketing
(808) 544-0858
Expertise: Marketing; Customers' comparative loyalty to retail and manufacturer brands

Joseph D. Patoskie
Associate Professor of Travel Industry Management
(808) 544-9398
Expertise: Air transportation; Sustainable tourism planning; Tourism development; Resort design

Justin Vance
Associate Dean (Academics), Military Campus Programs/Assistant Professor of History
(808) 543-8096
Expertise: American Civil War; Pearl Harbor, World War II in the Pacific; Military Education

William “Hal” Warren
Associate Professor of Geography/Assistant Chair, Department of Social Sciences
(808) 544-1476
Expertise: Human geography; Populations; Demography; Minority populations; Architectural history of Downtown Honolulu; Historic preservation

Kristi West
Assistant Professor of Biology
(808) 236-5841
Expertise: Marine Sciences and Biology; HPU Marine Mammal Stranding Program

Arthur Whatley
Program Chair for the Master of Arts of Global Leadership and Sustainable Development/Professor of Management and Sustainable Development
(808) 566-2490
Expertise: Sustainability Education; Sustainable business; Sustainable MBA education; Sustainability leadership; Sustainability futures; Sustainable food systems; Sustainability globalization; Sustainable systems

Chris Winn
Associate Professor of Oceanography
(808) 236-5819
Expertise: Marine science; Reefs; Ocean chemistry; Ocean studies; Ocean acidification; Global warming.

Feifei Zhu
Assistant Professor of Finance and Economics
(808) 544-0846
Expertise: International financial markets; Capital structure and the cost of capital; Information asymmetry; Corporate governance; Mergers and acquisition; Patent issues