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HPU experts in the media

John Hart, Ph.D.

Professor of Communication comments on the ACLU suing state over primary election (KHON 2 News)

"(There will) be a lot of pressure to say, don’t give standing to this, declare it done. On the other hand, if we say the right to vote is important, the poor people on the Big Island were in a natural disaster, they need the right to vote, that’s a different frame."

– John Hart, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Communication/Professor of Communication

The following experts have experience working with the media, providing valuable commentary.

Jerry Agrusa
Professor of Travel Industry Management
(808) 544-9341
Expertise: Tourism; Hospitality; Sports tourism and coordinator of annual Honolulu Marathon research study on its economic impact to Hawai‘i

Patrick C. Bratton
Director, Diplomacy and Military Studies Program/Associate Professor of Political Science
(808) 544-1466
Expertise: National Security; Foreign Policy; Indian Foreign Policy; International Relations and Security; French and Russian Security Policy; French Politics; Franco-American Relations

John Hart
Chair, Department of Communication/Professor of Communication
(808) 544-0805
Expertise: Communication; Media; Political analysis; Campaigns

Carlos Juarez
Chair, Department of Social Sciences/Professor of Political Science
(808) 566-2493
Expertise: Political science; International affairs; Latin America, Latin American politics and society (Lived in Mexico for four years, South America for one year); HPU's Fulbright Program Advisor and Fulbright Scholar, Mexico (1999-2000)

Leroy Laney
Professor of Finance and Economics
(808) 544-0849
Expertise: International, national and local economics; banking; Economic advisor to First Hawaiian Bank; formerly a staff economist on the U.S. President’s Council of Economic Advisers in Washington, D.C., an international economist with the U.S. Treasury in Washington, and a senior economist in the Federal Reserve System

Chris Winn
Associate Professor of Oceanography
(808) 497-0701
Expertise: Marine science; Reefs; Ocean chemistry; Ocean studies; Ocean acidification; Global warming.