Excellence in Undergraduate Writing Award Winners


Beth Conner, Joseph Campbell-The Man with a Thousand Faces.
Tooba Arbab, The Bangladesh Garment Industry: A Blessing or a Curse?
Jade Licudine, Off-Label Prescriptions
Haruna SuginoBurger King


Mary Alice Campbell, William Styron's Mistakes: An Examination of Styron's use of Stereotypical Characters in Comparison to the Works of his Black Contemporaries, Octavia Butler and Toni Morrison.
Emily Kandagawa, Hawaiian Knowledge and Identity: An Existentialist Critique of Sovereignty.
Madeline Ruhl, Taking Care of Cancer Patients: Decisions, Treatments, and Responsibilities.
Michael BennettGlobalization: The Effect of International Trade and Markets on Child Labor, Cross Cultural Exchange, and the Environment.


Stephanie Nakamura, Haruki Murakami as a Writer of Valuable Literature.
Emily Kandagawa, Indigenizing Diaspora in North America.
Jodie Ledvina, Ethanol: Why More Beneficial Than Petroleum?   


Jovi Ige, Violence in The Taming of the Shrew.
David Begg, Analysis of Norbit's Case and the Application of Battered Woman Syndrome.
Kerime Ataker, Negative and Positive Aspects of the Capability Maturity Model in Organizations.
Andrew HauskerCoca-Cola in the Modern Business Environment.


David Yogi, Literary Colonialism in Asne Seierstad's The Bookseller of Kabul.
Laura Russell, From Train Cars to Canvas: What Happens When Graffiti Goes Mainstream.
Natasha Baldauf, Predictive Validity of the SAT, Related Issues, and Other Factors Associated with First Year College Performance.
Brian A. Keller, The Current State of Ethics in Stem Cell Research.
Jaeman Lee, History and Development of Advertising and Its Importance.  


Andrew Abordonado, The Invisible Natives: The Disintegration of the Ainu People and Culture and an Analysis of Japan's Assimilatory Nature.


Dan Abrahamsson, Banning Same-Gender Marriage, a Form of Legal Discrimination.
Rebecca Loeffers, Strategies for Hiring a Diverse Workforce.
Jessica St. JamesThe Effects of Humans on the Biodiversity of Coral Reefs in Kane'ohe Bay, O'ahu, Hawai'i.
Rachel BrownDeconstructing 'What Love Is. 


Rachel Ana Brown, Twilight Over Hilo Bay.
Zara Ali, No Compromise, Victory is Ours.
Nina Rothe and Pua BuholmInterspecific competition between Nertia picea and Littornia pintado in a boulder field on a sandy beach in Oahu, Hawaii.
Katrina Louise PeaceExecutive Compensation in the U.S. and Japan. 


Kristi Birney & Rochelle Smith, Fresh water influences from He'eia Stream on coral distribution in Kaneohe Bay.
Eliza Massi, Is Foreign Aid Fostering Economic Development in Africa?
Kelly Joy CollinsRenaissance of the Spirit. 
Nathan RudibaughThe Great Existential Cancer Scare of 2002. 


Kelly J. Collins, Preserving Nature at its Best: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Kathryn A. King, Organizational Problems Associated with Accelerated Promotions in the United States Air Force.
Darrin SchadelCrime and Antisocial Behavior Among Hawai'ian Children and Adolescents.


Steven Barthel, Lockheed Martin Corp: Ethical Standards, Unethical Conduct.
Michael Brian Glod, The European Union.
Peter B. Nilsson, Effects of different microhabitats and burrow types on the breeding success of the wedge-tailed shearwater (Puffinus pacificus).
Heather Mossinger, Profiling: Racist or Necessary?


Elizabeth Tucker, Fielding's Theme of Hypocrisy and Vanity in the Unfortunate Jilt, nominated by Dr. Laurie Leach.
Joseph Kealoha, Reflections in the Dark: The Gothic Subculture, nominated by Ms. Fumiko Nawa.
Todd Tulchin, Diel Vertical Migration & Horizontal Patchiness of Marine Zooplankton in Kaneohe Bay, nominated by Dr. Eric Vetter.
Jenny Lai, The Relationship Between Environment and Development, nominated by Dr. Ernesto Lucas.


Jonathan Dessell, Biracial Identity: America & Race, nominated by Dr. Robert Blair.
Ronald Hirst, A Nation of Junk Food, nominated by Mr. Nolan Kim.
Catherine Gonzaga, Families: Filipion vs. American, nominated by Ms. Marianne Luken.
Kathryn Lafser, Inflation and the Russian Economy, nominated by Ms. Mary Kelly.
David Lowry, The Importance of Wave Action Beach Slope, nominated by Dr. Eric Vetter.


Jorgen Klaus Josephson, The Swedish and the American Stock Markets, nominated by Dr. Eric Drabkin.
Brandon Spurlock, The Maastricht Treaty and the Road to One Currency, nominated by Mr. Ronald Nicholas.


Andy Kirby, An Evaluation of the Application of Catastrophe Theory to Collective Behavior, nominated by Dr. Patricia Clancy.
Evan Kirby, Only from the Inside, nominated by Dr. Leilani Madison.
Karen Matsushima, Endometriosis: New Realities of a Disease, nominated by Ms. Frances "Sunny" Spohn.


Rhonda Vickers, Cross-Cultural Negotiations of Caloust Gulbenkian, nominated by Dr. Patricia Clancy.
Jens Vinke, The Lynching Trees, nominated by Ms. Elizabeth Fischel.


John Glatzmayer, The Waianae Diet Program, nominated by Mrs. Barbara Burke.
Poongothai Rathinam Nadar, A Day of Double Joy, nominated by Mr. Mark Bauer.


Adeline Ann Chi Choo, To Conduct a Forecast of the Total Number of Visitors to Hawaii by the End of Year 1992, nominated by Dr. Rod Romig.
Gary Gardner, The Effects of Chlorofluorocarbons in the Atmosphere, nominated by Dr. Les Correa.
Angela Morris, Glutted with Learning's Golden Gifts: Marlowe's Faustus, nominated by Ms. Elizabeth Fischel.
Thomas Tenney, The Implications of Comparable Worth in Hawaii, nominated by Dr. Rod Romig.


Linda Kaneshiro, Home Schooling as an Alternative to Conventional Education, nominated by Dr. James Austin.
Linda Poh-Lan Ng, Government Regulations of the Futures Market, nominated by Dr. Rod Romig.
Simon Plunkett, Driving to Work, nominated by Ms. Cecilia Huckestein.