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Donor FAQ's

Q: What is Annual Giving?

A: Annual Giving programs serve students and faculty through scholarship, teaching innovations, facilities, ongoing technology, curricular needs and student life activities. It allows alumni, parents, faculty & staff and friends of HPU to support the highest priorities of the University through their annual donation. It is a gesture of pride, an endorsement of our mission.

Q: Will my gift make a difference?

A: YES. Every gift will make a difference and has big impact; participation is the key! By making a contribution you are sending a powerful message that you believe in HPU and our mission and it is a strong indicator to others that HPU has made a difference in your life.

Q: How will my gift be used and what impact will my gift make?

A: With your generous support, we will continue to improve our curriculum, support our faculty members, and enhance the learning environment for our students.

Q: Can I choose where to direct my gift?

A: Yes, the choice is yours! Choose the area of the University you feel most compelled to support; a College, scholarships, student life, or the area of greatest need.

Q: How are gifts to the University's area of greatest need used?

A: Gifts to the area of greatest need do not have a restriction on their use. Unrestricted gifts provide HPU with the flexibility to respond to exciting opportunities and emerging trends in higher education. They provide support for innovation and the development of challenging programs that inspire students.

Q: Doesn't tuition cover the costs of running HPU?

A: On average, the actual cost for a student to attend HPU is far more than the cost of tuition. Gifts to the University's Annual Giving Program are largely responsible for enabling HPU students to complete their education. Yes, every HPU student requires some level of scholarship assistance. Your gift will help to bridge the gap.

Q: How does the University Relations Division conduct Annual Giving Solicitations?

A: Each fall, the University Relations Division sends mailings to all alumni, parents and friends with a request for a donation. Some of these mailings are followed with phone calls from students. Consider making your pledge early in the year to save the University postage and telephone costs.

Q: Who is calling me on behalf of HPU?

A: The Phon-a-thon Program employs HPU students who call alumni and parents throughout the year. Our student callers report to work each day knowing that through their efforts, they will raise important funds for the university.

Q: What is the easiest way to give?

A: If you have made the decision to give to HPU, a donation made on-line, or by cash or check, Visa or MasterCard is a convenient route. Donations can be mailed to the University Relations Office.

Hawai'i Pacific University
1132 Bishop Street, Suite 307
Honolulu, HI 96813

Q: How do I begin monthly giving?

A: You may fill out the online form or download a form; authorizing monthly or quarterly gifts by credit card.

Q: I have not heard from HPU recently.  Am I still in your database?

A: We may not have your current contact information. Please contact our office at 808-544-0213 or by email to update your records.