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Dean's Message College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Hawai‘i Pacific University’s new College of Humanities and Social Sciences brings together the former Colleges of Communication, International Studies, and Liberal Arts. In so doing, the College provides a structure for students, faculty, and alumni to engage in multi-disciplinary activities that allow us to leverage our resources and take advantage of the synergies that can be derived from collaborative efforts.

The College embraces the principles of a traditional liberal arts education and invigorates those ideas with innovate teaching techniques and cutting-edge technology. We help students learn to write, think, present, and research, while applying their theories and techniques to significant issues and enterprises. This approach--applying relevant theory to the situations we encounter--empowers our students to take their places in the world.

Studies done in the last few years maintain that college graduates will change careers—not jobs—three to four times in their working lives. A recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers showed that employers don’t look for people with a specific major. They are looking for people who can read and write well, solve complex problems, work with people of diverse backgrounds, and adapt to change. This is precisely what our College offers to our students. We believe that higher education should prepare students for multiple career options and enable them to be lifetime learners. This principle for teaching and learning is further enlivened by our outstanding faculty and students.

The College’s award-winning faculty come from top universities all over the world, and they distinguish themselves through their research, professional associations, and connections to business, government, and their communities. You can read more about them by browsing the Department home pages. Our students come to us from over 100 countries and each of the United States. They bring their perspectives, experiences, and energy to a classroom environment situated in the heart of Honolulu.

Our downtown campus puts us in direct contact with diversity and culture. We tap into the spirit of Hawaii, the business community, and the centers of government in a strategically vital gateway to Asia. I hope you enjoy using the College website. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

Steven C. Combs, Ph.D.