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Dean's Message College of Business Administration

Our vision in the College of Business Administration is to educate students to become global leaders and to be recognized worldwide as Hawaii’s multicultural college with an innovative curriculum.

Developments in the past decade indicate that the twenty-first century will be a century that will dislodge previous assumptions of the capitalist economy. These developments  have motivated us at HPU to search for a new approach to business education ensuring that the program created is capable of educating leaders who are ethical, accountable, sensitive to social and environmental issues, and are able to function well in teams as well as think critically. There is no doubt that acquiring knowledge, skills, and attributes to manage global enterprises requires an in depth, practical, and integrated education. HPU’s College of Business Administration is one of the few institutions that provide quality programs to educate students to achieve these goals.

Two key advantages that we have at HPU are our location and the make-up of our student body. Our campus is strategically located at the crossroads of the Pacific Rim in the heart of the business district of downtown Honolulu. Our proximity to the emerging markets in Asia and the U.S. gives our college a unique advantage. In addition, because of our location in the heart of the business district of Honolulu, internships are just minutes away from campus. Our close connections with the downtown community enables us to bring the business world into the classroom through guest lecturers and by having some of the best business people in Hawai‘i teach courses for us. The second advantage is the fact that the typical HPU classroom has students from all over the world. Therefore, the classroom serves as a laboratory when business cases are presented and discussed.

We at the College of Business Administration at HPU understand that the underpinnings of the global competitive environment are crucial.  Some of the factors that create a competitive global environment such as: the speed at which information is disseminated; the differences in economic, legal, and political systems; differences in cultural values and religious beliefs; and the availability of resources are all challenges organizations face.  Our business programs educate our students to develop the professional attitudes and skills, and impart the knowledge necessary to actively engage, contribute, and compete in business activities anywhere on the planet including virtually.

Our innovative curriculum ensures that students who graduate from HPU are team players, able to think on their feet, and have mastered communication and leadership skills required to survive in world's largest companies. The facts that there are no teaching assistants in the classroom and that the size of our classes rarely exceeds 25 students enable our students to have more meaningful contact with their professors and their fellow classmates. Our faculty of distinguished scholars join us from around the world and the courses they teach are unparalleled anywhere because of the experience and dedication they bring into the classroom.

Mahalo nui loa!

Deborah Crown, Ph.D., Dean,
College of Business Administration