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Even if you have second thoughts, don’t turn your back. It might seem overwhelming at first, but the experience is 100% worth it!”
Susuanna Li, South Korea, Fall 2012
“Madrid will be exactly what you make of it, so come with an open mind and willingness to do it all.”
Melissa Sena, Spain, Fall 2012
“Just go for it, because it will be a memory for life.”
Aleksander Gjertsen, Brazil, Fall 2012
“Travel as much as you can!”
Korina Randall, Italy, Fall 2011-Spring 2012
“Go for it! You will have a wonderful learning experience.”
Jennifer Storm, Spain, Fall 2012
“Take the chance to experience something new and throw yourself out there. You have nothing to lose.”
Anton Cederqvist, Australia, Fall 2011
“Go for it! It really is life-changing.”
Michael Colon-Yoshimoto, Japan, Fall 2012
Helena Wyatt, Bali, Indonesia, Fall 2012

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