Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation and Intramurals




Check out the current weekly schedule and join in the fun:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


4pm - LB PH Warmer

Swim Club

YWCA 4-6pm

Outdoor Yoga

HLC Lanai- Noon

Tai Chi & Kung Fu

HLC AC Lanai 3-5pm

Fitness Challenge 

Fort Street 11am-1pm

Indoor Soccer

YWCA 3-5pm

Indoor Volleyball

YWCA 3-5:00


Ala Moana Courts #9&10 - 6-8pm


HLC Courts 6-8pm




Campus Recreation is excited to offer students, faculty and staff at Hawaii Pacific University many new and exciting opportunities to stay physically active.  Whether its 24-hour access to the Hawaii Loa Fitness Center, intramural sports leagues/tournaments, sport club opportunities, outdoor recreational activities, fitness classes, or offering discounts throughout the Hawaii recreational community, Campus Recreation is promoting a fun and healthy balance to an academic life.  Programming and offerings are based on student interests and needs, so it is encouraged to contact the Campus Recreation office with suggestions, inquiries, and feedback about what could be added.  Continue to check the schedule of events to begin participating in the year ahead.  Stay active, stay healthy!


Campus Recreation is committed to providing HPU’s student body, faculty, and staff a safe environment to be physically active; additionally creating a constructive outlet to relieve stress associated with the rigors of academic life.   By offering diverse recreational programs and services, Campus Recreation promotes wellness, student development, leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship and a healthy balanced lifestyle.