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Social Work Club


The Hawaii Pacific University Social Work Club is astudent-lead organization designed to provide students with opportunities to connect with other social work students and the surrounding community. Activities and fundraising events provide an environment to learn about community outreach organizing, empowerment of the self and for others, social self-awareness andthe impact these experiences can have for students at Hawaiian Pacific University, all people of this island and our global cohorts.

The mission and purpose of the social work club is to foster a safe learning environment to anyone interestedin the social work profession and its primary function of advocating for persons living in the micro, mezzo and macro level.

The Social Work Club shall strive to empower members an opportunity to create strategies they believe can improve social injustice and promote an environment where students are working towards a common goal of raising awareness. The Social Work Club shall strive to continue to promote this club organization through Hawaii Pacific University to honor the cultures and community bylearning about the diversity in Hawaii as a window to the world, and of itself. TheSocial Work Club shall strive to reach out to the collective cultural populations of Hawaii (Homeless, Children, Young Adults, Elderly, Foster Care, Disabled, Veterans, Native Hawaiians, Micronesian, and all people of the Islands) to raise awareness for all people's impasses in life while developing skills in community outreach. The Social Work Club shall strive to support the students within the Hawaiia Pacific University Club community and commit to working with other clubs of different majors and fields in promoting teamwork and networking.

The Social Work Club Officers for 2013-2014 are:

Social Work Club President

Social Work Club Vice President

Social Work Club Secretary

Social Work Club Treasurer

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