Off Campus Housing Resources

Searching for Off-Campus Housing Online


HPU’s Online Classifieds

  • Sign in to your Pipeline account
  • Click the "@HPU" tab
  • Click the "eAds 3.0" button
  • Search for housing or roommates!
  • You can also post your own ad

Other Useful Rental Websites

Pad Mapper: Search conveniently by location, perfect for students who are new to the island!

Apartment List: Search listings and find valuable neighborhood information

Honolulu Star Advertiser Classifieds: Local newspaper's online listings

Live Lovely: Request e-mail notifications any time a listing matching your criteria is posted

My New Place: Local apartment listings along with tips and tricks for new renters

My Apartment Map: Search for local listings by neighborhood and view average rental rates and trends

Honolulu Property Management, LLC

Prudential Property Management


For temporary and short-term accomodations, click here.

How can I avoid scams online?

It’s a good idea to be cautious when looking for housing. Here are some tips and online resources for spotting and avoiding scams online:

It is always best to deal locally and in-person. It is usually not a good idea to send banking information or money without physically seeing a rental unit and meeting with the landlord or property manager in person.

E-Ads (Pipeline Access)

E-Ads is HPU’s internal classifieds system. The risk for encountering scams on Pipeline is lower because only individuals within the HPU community are able to post there.


When you plug in apartment information on this website, it will tell you if the listed rental price is typical, above average, or unusually low. Prices can vary even within the same area, but if an ad seems too good to be true it needs more research.


A simple Google search can turn up a lot of information. Try typing in a phrase from the ad in question, the phone number from the ad, or the name of the landlord/property management company and see if anything suspicious pops up.

Google Maps Street View

Use Google Maps’ “street view” feature to see that the photos match what is actually there and to check the surrounding area. If the ad does not list the address, ask for it.

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