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Center for Academic Success Tutoring Services

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) provides free, individualized tutoring assistance to all registered HPU undergraduate and graduate students.

Tutoring Schedule

Below you'll find the listing of all of our HPU tutors' schedules. Just click on the panel to find the schedule you need. For a more specific list of courses tutored, click the "Course and Tutor List Spring 2015.pdf" in the left navigation panel.  All schedules are subject to change. If you have any questions you can contact us by emailing us, or by calling (808) 544-9334.

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Tutoring schedule Writing Tutoring
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The Downtown CAS is located at 1060 Bishop Street (LB building), Floor 6. Tutoring is available in writing, modern languages, and math, accounting, business, science (MABS).

  • This location operates on a walk-in, first-come first-served basis.
  • Appointments are only taken for HPU students that work full-time, are active-duty military, have ADA status, or who want to see a Writing Mentor.

The Hawai'i Loa CAS is located in the Academic Center, 3rd Floor, Educational Technology Center (ETC). Tutoring is offered in select subjects.

  • Operates by appointment. Students can make appointments up to two weeks in advance, ONLY one (1) appointment per subject per day.  For more information and for further assistance, please contact the Tutoring Center (Downtown) at (808) 544-9334.
  • NEW!! Book HLC appointments online at:

Online tutoring:  Smarthinking™ is a company HPU uses that provides online tutoring services to registered HPU students 24/7 through Pipeline. 

  • Real-time tutoring is available for a variety of subjects and students may submit questions or papers for review. 
  • Responses to submissions are usually returned within 24 hours.
  • Click here for more information. 

Contact Information

Phone: (808) 544-9334