Student Government Association

BrunaIacuzziFA14.jpgStudent Body President

Bruna Iacuzzi
Student Body President, 2014-2015

Bruna Iacuzzi, originally from Cagliari, Italy, is a senior majoring in Hotel and Tourism Management. She is a graduate of Johnson County Community College (JCCC), located in Overland Park, KS, where she earned her Associate’s Degrees in Liberal Arts as well as Food and Beverage Management.  During her time at JCCC, she completed the honors program and held many leadership positions including Student Government President, Vice President of Leadership for Phi Theta Kappa honor society, Vice President of Fellowship and Scholarship, Chair of the Service and Fundraising Committee, and student representative for the Foundation Committee and the Performing Arts Committee.  As HPU’s Student Body President, Bruna works to create significant opportunities for HPU students to practice their leadership skills, network within the HPU community and with business professionals, and foster the skills that will give them a competitive advantage when entering the workforce.

Please feel free to contact your president at to make your voice heard.  The Student Body President's Executive Council is an advisory organization only, for the benefit of the Student Body President. The HPU Student Body President and Vice President are elected each spring to represent the students of HPU.

Student Body President's Executive Council

Kirsten Thornton Kirsten Thornton
Student Body Vice President       
Dominique Bushong Dominique Bushong
Chief of Staff  
Romain Caietti Romain Caietti
PR Director
Julie Castillo Julie Castillo
Olivia Sicard Olivia Sicard
Vacant Vacant
Deputy Historian