Campus Elections

Would you like to be a voice for the students at Hawai'i Pacific University? Build relationships with students and administrators? Enhance your leadership skills? Become an officer for Student Government Association (SGA) of Hawai'i Pacific University!

2015-2016 General Elections

Thank you to those of you who exercised your right to vote in the 2015-2016 SGA General Elections.  Congratulations to our newly elected officers for the next school year!  For a complete summary of the elections results, click here.

Executive Branch

  • Student Body President - Nathanael Howard
  • Student Body Vice President - Anya McClenton

Student Senate

  • Business Administration Senator - Nohealani Benicarlo
  • Natural and Computational Sciences Senator - Dylon Goodson
  • Downtown Senator - Carlos Santana
  • Hawaii Loa Campus Senator - Angela Kroeger
  • Military Senator - Christopher Morrow
  • International Senator - Megan Pugh

The followoing are a list of vacancies within the student senate.  Please contact Nathanael Howard, Student Body President-Elect, at nhoward3@my.hpu.edu if you are interested in any of these positions or participating in SGA in general.

  • Business Administration Senator (1)
  • Natural and Computational Sciences Senator (1)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Senator (2)
  • Nursing and Health Sciences Senator (2)
  • Athletics Senator (1)
  • Graduate Senator (1)
  • Veterans Senator (1)

Should you have any questions, please email us at sga@my.hpu.edu.

Student Judicial Council Appointments

Are you a student interested in law? The Student Judicial Council (SJC) is the judicial branch of the SGA that resolves electoral and constitutional disputes.  The following positions are available within the SJC:

  • Associate Justice (3 position)
  • Clerk

Please visit the Student Judicial Council site for more information. 

Election Concerns

Please contact the Student Judicial Council (SJC) if you wish to file a complaint regarding a candidate, process, or occurrence.

A person who wishes to file the complaint should file a petition with Courtney Spearing, Chief Justice of the SJC.  To file a petition email cspearin@my.hpu.edu, notifying the SJC that you would like to start the complaint process.  For example, "I hereby petition to challenge ..."

Once the petition is filed, the SJC decides whether to dismiss the case or allow it to continue with a complaint form.