Office of Academic Affairs

Department Chairs and Directors

Department and Academic Program Chairs are full-time faculty members who assist deans of colleges with the management of academic, curricular and faculty matters. The specific duties of the department and program chairs are outlined in the Faculty Handbook.

College of Business Administration: (Dean, Dr. Deborah Crown)

Dr. Warren Wee and Dr. Asoke Datta, Interim Co-Chairs, Department of Management and Marketing
Dr. Lawrence Rowland, Chair, Department of Financial Economics and Information Systems
TBD, Director, MBA Programs

Program Chairs:

    Dr. Cheryl Crozier-Garcia, Chair, MA Human Resource Management
    Dr. Joseph Ha, Co-Chair, Marketing
    Dr. Thomas Kohler, Co-Chair, Marketing
    Dr. Jack Karbens, Chair, Accounting
    Dr. Bei Zeng, Chair, Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
    Dr. Jerry Agrusa, Co-Chair, Hospitality and Tourism Industry Management
    Dr. Wendy Lam, Co-Chair, Hospitality and Tourism Industry Management
    Dr. Cathrine Linnes, Chair, Information Systems
    Dr. Xin Fang, Co-Chair, Economics and Management Science
    Dr. Howard He, Co-Chair, Economics and Management Science
    Dr. Richard Ward, Chair, MA Organizational Change
    Dr. Lindsey Gibson, Chair, MBA


College of Humanities and Social Sciences:  (Dean, Dr. David Lanoue)

    Dr. Linda Lierheimer, Chair, Department of Arts and Humanities
    Dr. John Hart, Chair, Department of Communication
    Dr. Kathy Cassity, Chair, Department of English
    Dr. Allison Gough, Chair, Department of History
    Dr. Carlos Juarez, Chair, Department of Social Sciences
    Dr. Michael Erickson, Chair, Department of Psychology
    Dr. Patricia Ellerson, Chair, Department of Languages & Applied Linguistics
    Mr. Manish Sehgal, Director, School of Education


College of Natural and Computational Sciences:  (Interim Dean, Roland "Bud" Jenkins)

    Dr. Carolyn Jones, Chair, Department of Natural Sciences
    Dr. Stewart Crawford, Chair, Department of Computer Science  
    Dr. Patrick Perry, Chair, Department of Mathematics     
    Dr. Allison Bachlet, Pre-Health Professions Specialist

College of Nursing and Health Sciences:  (Dean, Dr. Lynette Landry)

    Dr. Pamela Almeida, Chair, Department of Baccalaureate Nursing Programs
    Dr. Diane Knight, Chair, Department of Graduate and Post Baccalaureate Programs
    Dr. Mark Tomita, Chair, Department of Public Health
    Dr. Lise Choucair, Director, Student Retention and Progression
    Dr. David Dunham, Director, Clinical Laboratories
    Ms. Julie Elting, Director, Clinical Facilities
    Dr. Lorraine Marais, Director, School of Social Work
    Dr. Patricia Nishimoto, Director, Master of Social Work
    Dr. Michaela Rinkel, Director, Bachelor of Social Work