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Information for New Students

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In the Hawaiian language, aloha means both welcome and farewell.


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E komo mai! 

Aloha and welcome to your new home in paradise! The International Center staff looks forward to welcoming all new international students to HPU. The following information is provided to facilitate your arrival and transition to Hawai'i and the University.

1. Attend check-in at HPU

After you arrive the first thing you must do is attend one of the HPU's mandatory check-in  and welcome sessions for international students (which are offered two weeks prior to the start of each semester).

2. Finalize Your Registration

Make sure you have finalized your registration process at HPU, so you are ready to attend your first class:
- STUDY ABROAD STUDENTS must contact their International Admissions Coordinator to register for classes;

- EXCHANGE STUDENTS must contact the International Student Advisor to finalize their registration;

- DEGREE SEEKING STUDENTS must contact their Academic Advisor to set up their degree plan.

Important: As an international student, you must maintain full-time status; that means that international students must take at least 12 credits during fall and spring semesters (only 1 course, or 3 credits, may be online) in order to comply with U.S. immigration law and not violate your student visa status.

3. Attend "Your Passport to HPU"

The New Student Orientation events organized by HPU's Student Life office and is the prefect way to learn all about Hawai'i and HPU.

4. Get Your Student ID Card

Follow the link for more information on how to obtain your HPU Unicard. It is required to gain access to certain services of the University, attend activities and receive discounts. Purchase Books and Student Bus Pass - U-Pass.  

5. Visit HPU's Bookstore

At the bookstore you can purchase your textbooks once you have registered for classes. Alternatively, you can check the eAds on Campus Pipeline for used book offers, or order them online through Amazon, etc. Buy a semester U-Pass at the HPU Bookstore  if you intend to use the public bus for transportation. For bus schedules and other information refer to the Web site of THEBUS.

6. Settle In!

For comprehensive information about phone services, internet services, banking, money matters, housing, transportation, etc please read our International Student Handbook.

7. Update your address with the International Student Advisor!

Once you become student at HPU it is important to understand your immigration status. Please read carefully about your responsibilities as a student.

8. Need Help or Extra Support? Contact us!

The Counseling and Behavioral Health Services (CBHS) department provides FREE and CONFIDENTIAL counseling services to current registered HPU students.  You can schedule an appointment by contacting the Academic Advising & Behavioral Health office at either of the following: HAWAII LOA (808) 236-3578 and DOWNTOWN (808) 544-1198.

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