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Amanda Eng



What I like most is the multiculturalism at HPU. I have never met so many people from different places; now, I have friends from all over the world. I used to speak four languages, but now I have picked up even more languages from the new friends that I’ve made here!


Information for Exchange Students coming to HPU

Hawai'i Pacific University is proud to offer exchange programs through many sister school affiliations with foreign institutions.  This page provides necessary information for exchange student participants, to assist them with a smooth transition to HPU.

Length of Study: Exchange students may study at HPU for one or two semesters

Estimated Costs: HPU tuition is waived for exchange students coming from one the academic institutions we have established an agreement with. Participants are responsible for the costs of transportation, visa application, room and board, health insurance and personal expenses.

Student Eligibility: Please check with the advisor of your home institution for eligibility criteria, e.g. GPA.

Application Procedure: Please submit your application and the required documents to your school representative and check with your school for application deadlines. Although HPU has not set an application deadline, we recommend that you submit your application along with the required documents as early as possible to allow sufficient time for processing and to ensure that you will receive your visa in time.

Application Requirements:

  • Complete an Exchange Student Application (must be typed), and submit it to your Exchange Program coordinator.
  • Have your school forward your most current official transcript to HPU.
  • Submit test results from any English proficiency tests recognized by HPU.
  • Provide proof of medical insurance coverage
  • Submit an original or certified copy of a bank statement showing that you (or your sponsor) have an account which holds sufficient funds to cover the estimated costs for housing and living expenses.
  • Include a copy of your passport.