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Eirik Kolstaad

MA in Communication


I came to Hawaii in Fall 2008 as a graduate student. I decided to study communication in its broad aspect as it’s such a multifaceted field that studying the bigger picture of communication would give me much more fundamental knowledge and tools necessary for my career in media-related fields. In the new work force we need to be able to multitask.


Travel Outside the United States

What are the basic requirements for an F-1/J-1 student to re-enter the United States after traveling abroad on pleasure or personal business?

1.  A SEVIS Form I-20/DS-2019, signed for re-entry by an International Student Advisor

In order to obtain a re-entry signature, please ensure all holds on your account have been cleared.  Plan accordingly and drop off your I-20/DS-2019 at the International Student Services (UB 200) approximately three weeks prior to departure. Complete the Travel Notification Form, attach your I-20/DS-2019 and submit to International Student Services for processing.  Allow 5-10 business days turnaround for re-entry signature on your I-20/DS-2019.

2.  You have been out of the United States for less than five months

3.  A current passport valid for at least six months after the date of your re-entry

4.  A valid, current F-1/J-1 visa OR you traveled to a contiguous country or adjacent island for less than thirty days

Bringing your most recent I-94, Departure Card, will facilitate your re-entry, if re-entering through a land port of entry.  If you are flying, the airline will collect your I-94 prior to departure and you will complete a new one upon re-entry.