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Valdete Sylaj

BA in Advertising


The best thing about HPU is the small class sizes, which I love. The teachers are very good and open to listening to students’ ideas. Additionally, they are very understanding and encourage many interesting class discussions. Most universities don’t offer this kind of relaxed environment where discussions are possible. For example, I went to a university back home for one year and there were 200 people in each class! I feel that I am learning more here at HPU.


Change of Address



International Students MUST notify United States Immigration AND Hawai`i Pacific University of address changes within ten (10) days of a move/address update.  This is requried throughout your course of study and during Optional Practical Training (OPT).  

How to Notify 

To inform about your address change, simply update your address on your Campus Pipeline account.  You can also speak to the Registrar or an International Student Advisor in person.  When this change is made to your university "mailing address", the new address will be sent via batch to the Department of Homeland Security.  This will also update your I-20 information and your address in SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System).

Name Updates

An official name change should be updated with both United States Immigration and Hawai`i Pacific University.  To report name changes to the University, present your passport with the new name to the Registrar's office to request the change to your student record.  Next, you must present your passport with new name to an International Student Advisor to request a new I-20, reflecting the change in your name.

Major Updates

International students are responsible for maintaining an accurate, updated I-20. You must report any change of major/minor to an International Student Advisor after you have been accepted into a new porgram. A new I-20 will need to be generated to reflect change in major/minor.