International Student Services

Anton S. Larsson

BA in Photojournalism


I learned about HPU when I did a Google search for different schools that offered photojournalism programs, which would combine my passion for both photography and writing; when a few different schools came up during my search, I thought why not complete my degree in a place that sounds awesome?


Economic Hardship

This type of employment authorization is only available to students who demonstrate and prove that they have encountered UNFORESEEN circumstances, making employment necessary to avoid severe economic hardship.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Have been enrolled full-time in F-1 status for one full academic year.
  • Be in good academic standing, NOT on academic probation.
  • Unable to find sufficient employment through on-campus employment options.

An information packet can be picked up at the front desk of the International Center.

The United States Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS) requires a high level of documentation for employment based on economic hardship. Students who think that they meet all of these requirements should make an appointment to see the International Student Advisor to discuss their situation and get details on the application process.

Effective November 23, 2010, the application fee for economic hardship increases from $340 to $380.