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Pei-Chin Liao


Pei Chin Liao

International Student Advisor

Phone: (808) 356-5299


Assists and advises continuing students about their I-20, visas, Optional Practical Training, and other immigration matters.  Also supports students with regards to assimilating into the American educational system, as well as personal counseling on integrating into the culture of the United States and Hawai`i.

Contact us about:  Visa questions, I-20 questions, I-20 travel signatures, reinstatement, work on and off-campus, Optional Practical Training advising and workshops, international events on campus, cross-cultural communication advising.

International Student Services
1164 Bishop Street # 200
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 356-5299
Fax: (808) 543-8065