Honor Societies

19 National and International Honor Societies

HPU is pleased to recognize its Honors Societies which are found within the various university academic disciplines. Each society has its own set of by-laws and application requirements. New members who qualify are inducted normally once per semester. Each society conducts an initiation ceremony to welcome new members. Please note that there are a few honor societies that accept students only once per year.

Any student found in violation of the academic integrity policy is not permitted to apply to be a member of any Honor Society. Please refer to the student handbook regarding examples of and further information about academic dishonesty.  Students who applied to each Honor Society will not be considered for any Honor Society.  

Alpha Chi, Chi Alpha Sigma, and Sigma Theta Tau are by invitation only.  If you should meet the requirements an invitation regarding membership will be sent to you from the faculty advisors.

Once you are accepted into an honor society, you do not have to reapply every semester.    

The next round of applications will open in the Fall 2016.   Late applications or extensions will not be permitted.