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vday.jpgHPU Student Care Packages

It’s a nice surprise for students when they receive a letter from a loved one, but even better when they receive a slip informing them they have a package! Unlike most universities, a majority of Sea Warrior parents don’t have the option of jumping in the car to visit their students to take them shopping or out to dinner. Shipping items across the Pacific can add up quickly!  HPU's Parent Relations Proogram is excited to begin providing a service in which we will assemble and assist in the delivery of various care packages developed with Sea Warrior students in mind.  In a matter of minutes, families can order their students a special delivery hassle free!


Get Well Soon- $32.00
*Due to the challenge of a sick student having to pick-up this package, Get Well Soon is only available for students living in the residence halls or Ohia Student Housing. Delivered within one business day.
What makes you more homesick than having the flu when mom or dad isn’t around to make you a warm bowl of soup or run to the store to get you soothing ginger ale? The Get Well Soon package gives mom and dad an opportunity to provide those comfort foods and necessary supplies to their under-the-weather Sea Warrior. Even the Pacific Ocean cannot get in the way of a parent providing comfort to their sick student! This package includes tissues, ginger ale, soup, crackers, orange juice, throat lozenges, Emergen-C, and more!

Happy Halloween- $15.00
Orders must be placed by 10/12/12. Packages will be delivered or ready for pick up on 10/30/12.
Happy Halloween is an affordable and fun package option. This is a great way to provide a mid-semester surprise to brighten a student’s week. Most students expect to receive a package on their birthday, but not many expect to receive a Halloween treat from their family! Candy corn, assorted candies, spirited suckers, and a delicious Halloween themed cupcake will be found inside a decorative container. 

Mele Kalikimaka- $20.00
Orders must be placed by 11/26/12. Packages will be delivered or ready for pick up on 12/10/12.
The holidays are supposed to be a time of laughter cheer. For those students who aren’t able to make it home for the holidays, homesickness is likely to encroach on their festive spirit. A Mele Kalikimaka care package is a nice way to let students know their families are thinking of them. This option will also be available in early December to help students feel the holiday aloha among the stress of wrapping up the fall semester. This is a great way to kick-off the season with good tidings and cheer! This package will include holiday themed suckers, a stuffed animal, tropical ornament, holiday Hawaiian cookies, gingerbread cupcake, hot chocolate, and various goodies.

Finals Week Survival Kit- $30.00
Orders must be placed by 4/29/13. Packages will be delivered or ready for pick up on 5/6/13.
The Finals Week Survival Kit will serve as a nice spirit booster. The survival kit includes Frappuccino for those late night study sessions, Smarties, assorted fruit and other healthy snacks, a PowerBar, a coffee mug, and $5.00 Starbucks gift card.

Taste of Hawaii- $40.00
Orders must be placed by 1/28/13. Packages will be delivered or ready for pick up on 2/4/12.
Hawaii is well-known for its tropical fruits, delicious macadamia nuts, and love for Spam! Taste of Hawaii is a festive package that will introduce students to local cuisine. This package includes items such as macadamia nuts, Maui Onion Chips, hurricane popcorn, a six-pack of Hawaiian Sun, chocolate macadamia nuts, Spam, and li hing mango.

Happy Valentine's Day- $15.00
Orders must be placed by 2/8/13. Packages will be delivered or ready for pick up on 2/13/12.
Send a sweet treat to your Sea Warrior through our Valentine's Day care package! This package features a box of chocolates, assorted Valentine's candy, a live flower, and a personalizable valentine.  

Delivery: Care packages will be delivered to HPU Residence Halls and the Ohia Student Housing. All other students must pick up their package at the Center for Student Life and First-Year Programs, 1188 Fort Street Mall, Suite 105 Honolulu, HI 96813.

PLEASE NOTE: HPU will not be held accountable for packages not picked up by recipients if proper notification attempts have been executed.   The University will give its best attempt to ensure all care packages are promptly received by students, but the ultimate responsibility of pick-up resides with the student. The University will contact the purchaser if the package has not been picked up by the recipient within three days of the initial delivery notification. Packages will be held for four weeks (excluding fruit in Finals Week Survival Kit). No refund will be issued for unclaimed packages. We have the right to substitute a like product in the event that the one pictured is not available.

Please contact the Coordinator of Orientation and Parent Relations for further information at or 808-544-1472.