First-Year Programs

Be My Guest

Invite your faculty member for a free lunch or coffee break! 

Invite your professor for a free lunch to get to know more about them.    Do they have a hobby?  Why teaching?  What is their favorite restaurant on Fort Street Mall? Or do they prefer the Dining Commons?

Be My Guest is intended to cultivate student-faculty interaction and extend learning outside the classroom. To participate, simply invite your professor and 1-3 classmates.  Select what, when, and where.  Register and enjoy!

WHO: Students enrolled in and faculty teaching lower-division courses (1000 and 2000 levels).

WHAT: Coffee or Lunch

WHEN: Fall adn Spring Semsters

To Register

Complete the online registration form here.

Registration requests must be completed online one week before event. Incomplete or inaccurate requests will not be processed.

Information to Know

  • Faculty may also invite students in their lower-division courses to participate. 
  • Group size is limited to five (5) members. At least one (1) faculty member and two (2) students must participate per event. 
  • Students must be enrolled in a lower division course taught by the faculty member during the current semester. 
  • The number of groups is limited each month.  Please plan ahead.
  • A group member is responsible for picking up a meal card from the Dean of Students Office (MP 105) between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding University Holidays.
  • Groups must stay within an allotted budget and provide receipts.
  • No exceptions to stated procedures.

For questions or additional information, email