Faculty Assembly

University Life and Campus Sustainability Committee


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As of April 23, 2010, this committee replaced the University Life Committee.

The committee will
    a.  inventory, monitor and promote recycling and other green initiatives going on around campus.
    b.  maintain the profile of and create awareness of HPU values of wellness, sustainability and global citizenship through public relations avenues both intra and extramural.  Promotion may include writing articles for Kalamalama and alumni magazines, maintaining a website profile, and holding a fair on the mall.
    c.  liaise with other groups in the university and the wider community. Students from AHSPU, GSO, or clubs like the Green Club, etc, may be asked to attend.  Staff may also be invited to join and/or asked to attend.
    d.  provide a think tank where curriculum changes to incorporate the HPU vision of global citizenship, sustainability, and a Hawaiian sense of place can be incubated.

If you have any questions, please contact the chair or the Faculty Assembly Office assembly@hpu.edu


1) Ms. Adele Nejame • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
      anejame@hpu.edu • 566-2413 • LB, Mezz 3

2) Dr. Brian Metcalf • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
      bmetcalf@hpu.edu • 544-1473 • FH 502-7

3) Dr. Cathrine Linnes • College of Business Administration
      clinnes@hpu.edu • 687-7064 • FH 504-7

4) Mr. Christopher Evans • College of Natural and Computational Sciences
      cevans@hpu.edu • 236-5899 • HLC 110

5) Ms. Sara Robertson • College of Nursing and Health Sciences
      srobertson@hpu.edu • 236-5815 • HLC 231

6) A-L: Rev. Dale Burke • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
      dburke@hpu.edu • 544-9394 • FS 205

7) A-L: Mr. Eric Vetter • College of Natural and Computational Sciences
      evetter@hpu.edu • 236-5832 • HLC 250

8) ExOff: Ms. Marites McKee • Dean of Students
      mmckee@hpu.edu • 687-7014 • MP 107