Faculty Assembly

Faculty Concerns Committee

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a.  The Faculty Concerns Committee shall consider matters that significantly impair the employment, work conditions, professional standing, or professional development of individuals or groups within the Faculty Assembly.  These matters include issues raised by actions contrary to employment or academic practices established by contract, published University rules and regulations, or longstanding custom and practice.

b.  A majority of the voting committee membership must decide whether a matter brought to it will be heard.

c.  As appropriate, the Committee shall report to the Faculty Council on matters that may require general policy changes or more effective oversight and implementation of existing policies and procedures.

     i.  The Committee provides a structure and a forum for finding facts, solving problems, and mediating disputes in an atmosphere of collegiality.  It is not expected to act as a court of law, but will facilitate the implementation of solutions and the reconciliation of differences based on principles on fairness, flexibility, and timeliness.  Procedures shall reflect maximum effective confidentiality, and anyone whose concern is being heard may request certain Committee members be excused for cause.  The Committee will not, however, consider anonymous or hearsay concerns.  If an issue is not resolved, the Committee will report to the Faculty Council and recommend a course of action.

     ii. The Faculty Concerns Committee may hear, study, and make recommendations on other issues referred to it by the Faculty Council or its Executive Committee.  The Faculty Concerns Committee’s role in these cases is limited to mediation and making recommendations to the Faculty Council, or to the Faculty Assembly.

If you have any questions, please contact the chair (TBD) or the Faculty Assembly Office assembly@hpu.edu. 


1) Mr. Ken Cook • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    kcook@hpu.edu • 687-7057 • MP 404

2) Dr. Serge Marek  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    smarek@hpu.edu • 544-1415 • MP 307

3) Dr. Jerome Agrusa • College of Business Administration
    jagrusa@hpu.edu • 544-9341 • FH 510A

4) Dr. Kristi West • College of Natural and Computational Sciences
    kwest@hpu.edu  • 236-5841 • HLC 247          

5) Dr. Hobie Etta Feagai • College of Nursing and Health Sciences
    hfeagai@hpu.edu • 236-7900 • HLC 220

6) A-L: Dr. Ronnie Crane • College of Natural and Computational Sciences
    rhenze@hpu.edu • 236-3513 • HLC 237

7) A-L: Dr. Jeffrey Stern  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    jstern@hpu.edu • 566-2481 • FS 201A
8) ExOff: Dr. Matthew Liao-Troth • Office of the Provost
    mliaotroth@hpu.edu • 544-0211 • UB 800