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I can't stress how important internships are. In my junior year I had two internships...


internshipInternships and Co-ops

Internships and co-operative education (co-ops) are excellent opportunities for eligible students to gain hands-on experience in their field while earning academic credit for work experience.   Students must meet with a Career Counselor at the Career Services Center to obtain approval of an internship or co-op and to register for the credit(s).   Click here to learn about the many other benefits students often find when participating in an internship or co-op.

**NOTE:  Internships & Co-ops through the Career Services Center are not considered "practicums."  If your degree requires "practicum" hours, please contact your Academic Advisor or Program Chair for more information. 

Fall 2015 Internship Deadlines

The deadline for all students to register for an internship or co-op through the Career Services Center is 5:00PM on Friday, September 4, 2015 for Fall 2015.  Internship documents that are incomplete or submitted past the deadline will not be approved.  Please be advised that, in some cases, a General Petition (GP) may be required.  If so, the GP must be approved prior to the deadline.  Please plan accordingly.

What's the difference between an Internship and a Co-op?


  • Primarily intended as an advanced work experience for students.
  • Training-oriented; may be pre-professional, pre-managerial, supervisory, or technical.
  • May be a paid or non-paid work experience. If paid: student must work 200 hrs. for each credit. If non-paid: student must work 75 hrs. for each credit (or 200 hours, if all 3 credits registered within same term)
  • *Exception - HTM Majors must still complete 600 hours, regardless if it the internship is paid or non-paid.  

Cooperative Education (Co-op):

  • Entry-level, paid work experience; provides initial exposure to the field or profession.
  • Student must work 200 hours for each credit.

In addition to working the required hours outlined above, students must write a reflective paper (click here for examples of paper topics).  Students will work with a faculty member from their College to develop an appropriate paper topic.  The paper is also graded by the faculty member.  The student must also complete a self-evaluation and receive a satisfactory performance evaluation from their employer in order to receive a passing grade. 

Internships and co-ops are graded on a Pass/Fail basis.  Students can register for 1, 2 or 3 internship/co-op credits at a time.  Undergraduates may apply up to 12 internship/co-op credits toward their degree plan.  Graduate students may apply up to 3 credits toward their degree plan. 

General eligibility requirements for ALL STUDENTS to participate in Internships/Co-ops:

  • Must be a degree-seeking student at HPU with an established HPU GPA. 
  • Undergraduates must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA for co-ops and 2.7 for internships.
  • Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA for internships.
  • The work experience must be directly related to the student’s major, and must offer a valid learning opportunity.   

Additional Requirements for International Students:

International students need to obtain work authorization from the Career Services Center in order to particpate in any paid or non-paid internship or co-op.   To be eligible for the internship/co-op program, international students must:

  • Maintain F-1 status for at least nine months or full-time enrollment for two semesters.
  • Be enrolled in a degree or certificate program.
  • Undergraduates must have completed 12 credits numbered 1000 and above (non-ELS classes only), and pass Writing 1100. Graduate students must have completed 9 credits numbered 6000 and above.
  • Have room in degree plan for the co-op/internship credit(s) to be awarded.
  • Obtain work authorization through the Career Services Center, regardless of whether the experience is paid or non-paid.
  • Passport, visa and I-20 form must all be valid and current.

For more information, click on International Student Employment Information

Steps to Obtaining an Internship or Co-op

International students (F-1 Visas):  Be sure to read Steps to Securing an Internship or Co-op (CPT) for International Students

Domestic (U.S. citizens) students:  Be sure to read Steps to Securing an Internship or Co-op for Domestic Students 


Internship/Co-op Forms 

Internship & Co-op Agreement Form – This form must be completed and signed by the internship/co-op supervisor as well as the student.  The student brings this completed form to the appointment with their Career Counselor to obtain approval and sign up for the internship/co-op credits.

Student Waiver & Release Form - This form must be signed by the student and submitted to Career Services in order to register for internship or co-op credits. 

Employer Waiver & Release Form - This form must be signed by the internship/co-op supervisor and submitted to Career Services in order to register for internship or co-op credits.

Training Plans - If the internship is a non-paid opportunity, the employer must submit a training plan in addition to the agreement form.  For paid opportunities, a detailed job description must be submitted. 

More information on Internships & Co-ops

Internship & Co-op Info Sheet - Information for Students on our Internship & Co-op program.  

Use these checklists to ensure that you have all of the required documents needed to sign up for an internship or co-op:

Internship Checklist for International Students 

Internship Checklist for Domestic Students 

Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) Internship Guide