Master of Science in Nursing

MSN Program Outcomes

MSN-FNP Program Outcomes

  1. Advanced Clinical Practice
    • demonstrate and apply the knowledge, skill, and judgment to independently provide direct patient care that incorporates assessment, diagnosis and treatment across the life span (geriatrics, adult, women's and pediatrics) within a variety of settings.
  2. Evidence-Based Practice
    • synthesize the evidence based practice guidelines, critical thinking, and reflection to provide appropriate care as the foundation to practice.
  3. Transformational Leadership
    • demonstrate transformational leadership in the nursing profession.
  4. Professionalism/Ethics
    • practice as an independent provider ethically bound to operate within the guidelines, standards and scope of practice.
  5. Quality Improvement and Safety
    • integrate current evidence to improve the quality of clinical practice and promote safe care.
  6. Health Care Informatics
    • incorporate knowledge of clinical decision support tools to assist in charting, decision making, research and scholarship.
  7. Health Policy and Advocacy
    • appraise the interdependence of health policy to act as an advocate of policy that promotes access to care, equity, quality and cost efficancy.
  8. Interprofessional Collaboration
    • collaboratively practice with other professionals in the health care system.
  9. Transcultural Care
    • maximize the client's health and wellbeing within the parameters of the client's own cultural traditions and beliefs.

Master of Science in Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner (50 Credits)
Sample Course Sequence Degree Plan (24-Month)
For students entering Fall 2015

2015 - 2016 Academic Year:

Fall 2015 - Nine Semester Credits      
      NUR 6010 Advanced Pathophysiology (3 CR)
NUR 6015 Community Health Care Policy and Program Planning (3 CR)
NUR 6025 Advanced Pharmacology (3 CR)
Spring 2016 - Eleven (11) Semester Credits
NUR 6000 Introduction or Advanced Practice Roles (3 CR)
NUR 6005 Epidemiology (2 CR)
NUR 6020 Advanced Nursing Research (3 CR)
NUR 6030 Advanced Physical Assessment (3 CR)

2016 - 2017 Academic Year:

Fall 2016 -  Nine (9) Semester Credits
NUR 6964 Advanced Theory:  Primary Care of Adults (3 CR)
      NUR 6962 Advanced Theory:  Primary Care of Women (3 CR)
NUR 6966 Advanced Theory:  Primary Care of Geriatric Adult (3CR)
Spring 2017 - Twelve (12) Semester Credits (25 hrs/week practicum x 15 weeks)
NUR 6960 Advanced Theory:  Primary Care of Children (3 CR)
NUR 6961 Practicum 1 (3 CR)
NUR 6963 Practicum II (3 CR)
NUR 6965 Practicum III (3 CR)
Summer 2017 -  Nine (9) Credits (21 hrs/week practicum x 12 weeks)
NUR 6967 Practicum IV (3 CR)
NUR 6969 Practicum V (3 CR)
NUR 7000 Project proposal/Professional Paper ( 3 CR - variable credit)

*Students may opt to conduct fewer practica per term, and may opt to take the capstone course

as variable credit, one of two credits at a time, to indivisualize the plan of study timeline to meet their needs.