Bachelor of Science in Health Science Program

BSHS Program

Mark Tomita
Dr. Mark Tomita, Chair & Professor of Health Sciences
Educating for global citizenship has been HPU’s overarching theme and ethos for many years. What better way to put this to practice than a career in public health?

Recently, improving the quality of life and controlling health care costs have become major issues in the United States. A major challenge in reforming health care in the U.S. will be to train a diversified health workforce that can provide health care and services in a more cost-effective manner. To meet that challenge and recognizing the importance of understanding public and community health issues, HPU has developed a new Health Science Program to provide the education and training necessary for health professionals in areas outside of nursing and medicine.

HPU offers the Bachelor of Science in Health Science (BSHS) degree through the College of Nursing and Health Science. This degree provides a solid background for students interested in pursuing careers in public health and other health-related fields. Based on the liberal arts foundation common to all programs at HPU, this degree includes courses in health promotion and wellness management, health education, epidemiology, health policy analysis, and a wide variety of other health-related subjects. A required capstone seminar and co-requisite internship will allow students to synthesize what they have learned in their coursework to provide hands-on experience.

The Health Sciences program provides the education and training from which students can go directly into health-related careers, advance their skills and broaden their education, or pursue graduate studies. Graduates are able to pursue health-related jobs in government agencies, community health centers, schools and other educational institutions, short- and long-term care facilities, or in the insurance, pharmaceutical and other health-related industries.

This bachelor’s degree program is available to those already working in the health care sectors (such as paramedics or emergency medical technicians) who wish to broaden their education, or advance to teaching or management. HPU provides the flexibility to make it possible for those working full-time to complete their undergraduate education and receive a baccalaureate degree. Students in community colleges and other schools interested in public health and other health-related careers other than nursing and medicine are also encouraged to check it out.

We all need to take responsibility for building a healthy society!


Hawai`i Pacific University College of Nursing and Health Sciences is committed to educating competent and caring professionals in the practice of health promotion and healthcare. Graduates are life-long learners and leaders dedicated to delivering holistic care in the spirit of aloha for a global community.


The College of Nursing and Health Sciences will be ranked in the top nursing and health science programs delivering a distinct transcultural healthcare educational experience.

Mark Tomita, PhD, RN, MCHES
Chair & Professor of Health Science
Department of Health Sciences