Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

BSN Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the HPU BSN Nursing Program the graduate will:

  • Clinical Practice
    • Apply theoretical knowledge with demonstration of skill and judgment to provide safe patient centered care across the lifespan using the nursing process.
  • Evidence-Based Practice
    • Integrate evidence to guide clinical practice and evaluate outcomes of care.
  • Leadership
    • Apply leadership and communication skills in diverse organizational systems.
  • Professionalism/Ethics
    • Practice nursing care by incorporating legal and ethical decision making, utilizing current standards of practice.
  • Quality Improvement and Safety
    • Perform safe nursing care and incorporate methods to optimize patient outcomes.
  • Health Care Informatics
    • Promote innovation and utilize information systems and technology in charting, decision making, research and scholarship.
  • Health Policy and Advocacy
    • Apply knowledge of health policy, patient advocacy and health needs of all populations that addresses access to care, equity, quality and cost efficacy.
  • Interprofessional Collaboration
    • Collaborate and communicate effectively with other professionals and interdisciplinary teams to improve health care outcomes.
  • Transcultural Care
    • Integrate the values, beliefs, and health practices of diverse populations to promote quality outcomes.

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