zhuYi Zhu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Office: Downtown Campus, UB 520
Phone: (808) 544-0862


CSCI 1301 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
CSCI 2912 Computer Science II (JAVA)
CSCI 2913 Data Structure
CSCI 3101 Algorithms
CSCI 3601 Operating Systems


Ph. D. and M. S. in Computer Science, the University of Texas at Dallas
M. S. and B. S. in Electronic and Information Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
B. S. in Applied Mathematics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Professional Interests:

Combinatorial Optimization, Computer Networks, Optical Networks, Wireless Networks, Cloud Computing.

Personal Interests/Biography:

Music, hiking, and traveling

Teaching Interests/Research:

Dr. Zhu specializes in algorithms, in particular computer networks design, optimization, and measurement. His main interest is developing the reliable and user-oriented next-generation telecommunication networks to support current and future applications. Current research work focuses on (1) reliable and survivable optical multicast in flexible-grid networks; (2) Location-based Service in wireless networks, (3) Approximation algorithm development for Big Data and Cloud Computing; and (4) Energy-efficient network design.

Teaching is challenge but also awarded work to Dr. Zhu. Dr. Zhu does love to share the research as well as real-world examples with students during his lectures. He does love to make students well-prepared for their future study, future job, and future life.