Milica BarjaktarovicMilica Barjaktarovic, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Office: Downtown Campus, UB 210C
Phone: (808) 544-0814

CSCI 3731 Problem Solving and Programming Using C++
CSCI 3640 Computer and Information Security
CSCI 3401 Data Communications
CSCI 3001 Assembly Language and Systems Programming
CSCI 1301 Discrete Mathematics
CSCI 2912 Computer Science II (Java)
CSCI 1041 Digital Literacy Global Society
CSCI 1011 Digital Literacy; ENVS 6060 Special Topics: Simulation.


Ph.D., M.S. and B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University, New York. Specializing in computer networks and stochastic modeling.


Outstanding Faculty Award, Wilkes University, 1996-97

Professional Interests: 

Computer security, computer networking algorithms and implementation, Unix, software development, STEM education, systems analysis, simulation, model checking, knowledge engineering and data mining.

Personal Interests/Biography: 

Music, improv comedy, martial arts, dance, hiking, swimming, traveling, creativity, health, and humanity.

Teaching Interests/Research:

Dr. Barjaktarovic specializes in computer networks, in particular computer network protocols (a special case of algorithms) and computer and information security. Her main interest is in designing, debugging and implementing the protocols correctly and securely. Computer security is an important topic that is increasingly important. Security can be breached on the design level as well as implementation level. The issue of implementation is often overlooked by designers and left to the IT professionals. Dr. Barjaktarovic is interested in assuring that theoretical design succeeds in real life. She prefers to work with implementations on Unix operating system. Debugging of protocols is often accomplished by simulation. Thus, Dr. Barjaktarovic has an extensive background in stochastic modeling, statistics, simulations, and model checking. Algorithms and statistics can be applied to many other fields, such as knowledge engineering and data mining. Dr. Barjaktarovic is interested in finding successful algorithms for finding patterns in large amounts of data, for example helping business decision making. Dr. Barjaktarovic’ sample recent projects include implementing and supervising implementation of real-life networks with components such as DNS servers, mail servers, DHCP servers, and firewalls in secure DMZ networks. She has designed and programmed software prototypes of many products, such as secure image transmission applications. She is also very keen on writing about her findings in instructional materials for students’ use.

Dr. Barjaktarovic believes in teaching interactively and actively engaging students in the learning process, using real-life examples relevant to the students, thus helping students develop and apply critical learning skills and succeed in a real-life environment.

Rich depth of student inquiry related to current state-of-the-art leads Dr. Barjaktarovic to write books and tutorials. She is currently working with a publisher on three approved book proposals: Learn Programming: Java, Learn Programming: C++, and Learn Unix. The books may be completed in summer 2013.