wangLei Wang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Office: Hawaii Loa Campus, AC 217
Phone: (808) 236-5836
Website: Google Scholar – Lei Wang   Research Group


CHEM2050 General Chemistry I
CHEM2052 General Chemistry II
CHEM3042 Instrumental Analysis
CHEM3043 Instrumental Analysis Lab
CHEM4031 Biochemistry Lab I
CHEM4911 Senior Research
CHEM4095 Biochemistry Seminar


Post-doctoral Fellowship, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich)
Post-doctoral Fellowship, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Ph.D., in Biophysics, Brown University
B.S., Physics, Wuhan University


Professional Interests:

Protein folding and aggregation in human diseases; protein engineering in bio-nanotechnology

Open Positions:

Dr. Lei Wang joined HPU in September 2012, and he is currently establishing his research group. Research projects are available for enthusiastic students who want to accumulate research experience in biochemistry, molecular biology, biomedicine and bio-nanotechnology fields. Interested students are welcome to contact Dr. Wang.

Personal Interests/Biography:

Traveling, running, hiking, swimming, diving, surfing, skiing, and most importantly, my family 

Teaching Interests/Research:

Dr. Wang’s major research interest is protein aggregation, which is involved in more than a dozen of human diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Cataract. His research group studies several disease-related protein aggregation events, tries to understand their underlying molecular mechanism, and aims to identify effective natural compounds that can interfere with protein aggregation processes to prevent or delay disease onset. For example, his group is interested in studying the protein aggregation mechanism in (a) human memory loss, (b) cataract and human lens clarity, (c) obesity and regulation of food intake. Dr. Wang is also interested in developing bio-nano material by using a special type of protein aggregates, amyloid fibrils, which are genetically modifiable natural bio-nanowires.