GreeneAndrew R. Greene, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

Office: Hawaii Loa Campus, AC 311C
Phone: (808) 236-7906


Ph.D. Geological Sciences (2008) University of British Columbia, BC, Canada
M.S. Geology (2003) Western Washington University, Washington, USA
B.S. Geology (2000) Western Washington University, Washington, USA

ENVS 2000 Principles of Environmental Science
ENVS 3002 Applications of Environmental Science
CHEM 1020 Introduction to Chemistry and the Environment
GEOL 1000 The Dynamic Earth
GEOL 2000 Physical Geology
ENVS 1500 Natural Disasters


Geological Society of America Cordilleran Section Outstanding Student Oral Presentation (2006) 

Western Association of Graduate Schools Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award 

Geological Society of America Bruce L. ‘Biff’ Reed Research Award (2001)

Professional Interests:

Volcanology, natural disasters, Earth history, environmental science, and coastal geology

Teaching Interests/Research:

Andrew Greene teaches environmental science and geology at Hawaii Pacific University.  His research focuses on volcanology and geochemistry of active and extinct volcanoes from hotspots, flood basalt provinces, and volcanic island arcs.  Dr. Greene’s other academic interests include environmental and societal impacts of natural disasters, the decline of Earth’s resources, Earth’s history and the evolution of life, and the causes of mass extinctions.  Dr. Greene samples and studies active volcanism on Kīlauea Volcano in Hawaii and participates in ocean drilling expeditions to study large submarine eruptions.  A significant part of Dr. Greene’s research has involved remote field work in Alaska, Yukon and British Columbia. Science education is a primary interest of Dr. Greene. He has published several teaching lab modules for undergraduate and graduate students, and is currently working on two new modules on natural hazards in Hawaii and the growth and evolution of the Hawaiian Ridge.