Faculty and Staff

Natural Sciences Faculty

Full Time Faculty

Stephen Allen, Ph.D., LEED AP (sallen@hpu.edu)
Associate Professor of Environmental Science

Gideon Berger, Ph.D. (gberger@hpu.edu)
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Program Chair, Physical Sciences

Brian Bozlee, Ph.D. (bbozlee@hpu.edu)
Chemistry Lecturer

Andrew Brittain, Ph.D. (abrittain@hpu.edu)
Associate Professor of Biology
Faculty Teaching Fellow

Michael Canute, M.S. (mcanute@hpu.edu)
Instructor of Biology

Susan Carstenn, Ph.D. (scarstenn@hpu.edu)
Associate Professor of Environmental Science

Yongli Chen, Ph.D. (ychen@hpu.edu)
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Program Chair, Physical Sciences

Angela Costanzo, Ph.D. (acostanzo@hpu.edu)
Instructor of Biology and Environmental Science

Steven Dye, Ph.D. (sdye@hpu.edu)
Professor of Physics

Christopher Evans, M.A. (cevans@hpu.edu)
Instructor of Marine Science

Jiasong Fang, Ph.D. (jfang@hpu.edu)
Professor of Chemistry

David B. Field, Ph.D. (dfield@hpu.edu)
Assistant Professor of Marine Science

Valerie Franck, Ph.D. (vfranck@hpu.edu)
Assistant Professor of Biology

Andrew R. Greene, Ph.D. (agreene@hpu.edu)
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

Varis Grundmanis, Ph.D. (vgrundmanis@hpu.edu)
Associate Professor of Oceanography

F. David Horgen, Ph.D. (dhorgen@hpu.edu)
Professor of Chemistry

K. David Hyrenbach, Ph.D. (khyrenbach@hpu.edu)
Associate Professor of Oceanography

Brenda Jensen, Ph.D. (bjensen@hpu.edu)
Associate Professor of Biology
Associate Dean, College of Natural and Computational Sciences

Carolyn Jones, Ph.D. (choll@hpu.edu)
Assistant Professor of Biology
Department Chair, Natural Sciences
Program Chair, Biology

Samuel Kahng, Ph.D. (skahng@hpu.edu)
Associate Professor of Oceanography

Keith Korsmeyer, Ph.D. (kkorsmeyer@hpu.edu)
Professor of Biology

Regina Ostergaard-Klem, Ph.D. (rostergaardklem@hpu.edu)
Associate Professor of Environmental Science
Program Chair, Environmental Science/Studies

Brian Quinn, Capt. (bquinn@hpu.edu)
Instructor of Marine Science

Catherine Unabia, Ph.D. (cunabia@hpu.edu)
Associate Professor of Biology

Eric Vetter, Ph.D. (evetter@hpu.edu)
Associate Professor of Oceanography
Program Chair, Marine Science (Marine Biology/Oceanography)

Lei Wang, Ph.D. (lwang@hpu.edu)
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Kristi West, Ph.D. (kwest@hpu.edu)
Associate Professor of Biology and Marine Science

Chris Winn, Ph.D. (cwinn@hpu.edu)
Associate Professor of Oceanography
Program Chair, Master of Science in Marine Science

Affiliate Faculty

Robin W. Baird, Ph.D. (rbaird@hpu.edu)
Research Biologist Cascadia Research Collective,
Olympia, WA

Colleen E. Bryan, Ph.D. (cbryan@hpu.edu)
Research Biologist, National Institute of
Standards and Technology
Charleston, SC

Chatham Callan, Ph.D. (ccallan@hpu.org)
Finfish Research Scientist, Oceanic Institute
Waimanalo, HI

Zac H. Forsman, Ph.D. (zforsman@hpu.edu)
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, Postdoctoral Fellow,
Kaneohe, HI

Eric Gilman, Ph.D. (EricLGilman@gmail.com)
Biodiversity and Fisheries Research Scientist,
Honolulu, Hawaii

Jennifer M. Keller, Ph.D. (jkeller@hpu.edu)
Research Biologist, National Institute of
Standards and Technology
Charleston, SC

James Potemra, Ph.D. (jpotmera@hpu.edu)
Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology
at the University of Hawaii
Manoa, Hawaii





<h2><a id="Adjunct Faculty" name="Adjunct Faculty"></a>Adjunct Faculty</h2>

<table style="width: 643px;" border="0" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0">



<td><strong>Niloufar Ataie, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:naraie@hpu.edu">nataie@hpu.edu</a></td>

<td><strong>William Gosnell, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:wgosnell@hpu.edu">wgosnell@hpu.edu</a></td>

<td><strong>Jack F. McMillan. Ph.D</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:jmcmillain@hpu.edu">jmcmillain@hpu.edu</a></td>



<td><strong>Allison Bachlet, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:abachlet@hpu.edu">abachlet@hpu.edu</a></td>

<td><strong>Mukta Gupta, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:mgupta@hpu.edu">mgupta@hpu.edu</a></td>

<td><strong>Malama Minn, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:jmcmillain@hpu.edu">mminn@hpu.edu</a></td>



<td><strong>Chatham K. Callan, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:ccallan@hpu.edu">ccallan@hpu.edu</a><br />


<td><strong>Spencer Hamada, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:shamada@hpu.edu">shamada@hpu.edu</a></td>

<td><strong>Dustin R. Moss, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:dmoss@hpu.edu">dmoss@hpu.edu</a></td>



<td><strong>Sarah Courbis, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:scourbis@hpu.edu">scourbis@hpu.edu</a><br />


<td><strong>Roy Ilaga, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:rilaga@hpu.edu">rilaga@hpu.edu</a><br />


<td><strong>Virendra Nayyar, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:vnayyar@hpu.edu">vnayyar@hpu.edu</a></td>



<td><strong>Didier Dumas, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:ddumas@hpu.edu">ddumas@hpu.edu</a><br />


<td><strong>Jessica Jacob, M.S. Candidate</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto: jjacob@hpu.edu">jjacob@hpu.edu</a><br />


<td><strong>Justin Reinicke, M.S. Candidate</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:jreinicke@hpu.edu">jreinicke@hpu.edu</a><br />




<td><strong>Domonkos Feher, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:dfeher@hpu.edu">dfeher@hpu.edu </a><br />


<td><strong>Irina Kolotyrkina, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:ikolotyrkina@hpu.edu">ikolotyrkina@hpu.edu</a><br />


<td><strong>James Salvail, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:jreinicke@hpu.edu">jsalvail@hpu.edu</a></td>



<td><strong>Vilma Fermin, M.S.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:vfermin@hpu.edu">vfermin@hpu.edu</a></td>

<td><strong>David M. Lamb, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:dlamb@hpu.edu">dlamb@hpu.edu</a></td>

<td><strong>Barbara Saunders-Price, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:bsaudersprice@hpu.edu">bsaudersprice@hpu.edu</a></td>



<td><strong>Anne Gasc, Ph.D.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:agasc@hpu.edu">agasc@hpu.edu</a></td>

<td><strong>James Lawrence, M.S.</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:jlawrence@hpu.edu">jlawrence@hpu.edu</a></td>

<td><strong>Timothy Thomas, M.S. Candidate</strong><br />

Email: <a href="mailto:bsaudersprice@hpu.edu">tthomas@hpu.edu</a></td>




Adjunct Faculty

Niloufar Ataie, Ph.D.
Email: nataie@hpu.edu
Anne Gasc, Ph.D.
Email: agasc@hpu.edu
James Lawrence, M.S.
Email: jlawrence@hpu.edu

Allison Bachlet, Ph.D.
Email: abachlet@hpu.edu

Leon Geschwind, M.S.
Email: lgeschwind@hpu.edu
Jack F. McMillan, Ph.D
Email: jmcmillain@hpu.edu
Chatham K. Callan, Ph.D.
Email: ccallan@hpu.edu
William Gosnell, Ph.D.
Email: wgosnell@hpu.edu

Dustin R. Moss, Ph.D.
Email: dmoss@hpu.edu

Sarah Courbis, Ph.D.
Email: scourbis@hpu.edu
Mukta Gupta, Ph.D.
Email: mgupta@hpu.edu
Virendra Nayyar, Ph.D.
Email: vnayyar@hpu.edu
David Cunningham
Spencer Hamada, Ph.D.
Email: shamada@hpu.edu
Michelle Phillips
Didier Dumas, Ph.D.
Email: ddumas@hpu.edu
Roy Ilaga, Ph.D.
Email: rilaga@hpu.edu
Justin Reinicke, M.S. Candidate
Email: jreinicke@hpu.edu
Keith Earnshaw, Ph.D.
Jessica Jacob, M.S. Candidate
Email: jjacob@hpu.edu
James Salvail, Ph.D.
Email: jsalvail@hpu.edu
Domonkos Feher, Ph.D.
Email: dfeher@hpu.edu 
Irina Kolotyrkina, Ph.D.
Email: ikolotyrkina@hpu.edu
Barbara Saunders-Price, Ph.D.
Email: bsaudersprice@hpu.edu
Vilma Fermin, M.S.
Email: vfermin@hpu.edu
David M. Lamb, Ph.D.
Email: dlamb@hpu.edu
Timothy Thomas, M.S. Candidate
Email: tthomas@hpu.edu